Sunday, 19 April 2015

Pancreatitis Pain Location. Where Can You Expect The Pain?

Common questions are where will the pain be located. Where will the pain occur? As I always mention everyone is different and everyone will have different areas of the body that indicate they are suffering from a pancreas condition. For me I had a sore back, sore ribs and a sore stomach. Combined with an overall weakness and an inability to consume food or drink. At the start I thought it was a gastro bug so I ignored the condition for a while. I also had fevers followed by cold phases. I was hot and sweating one minute. So I would put on a jumper and other warm clothes. Then I would wake up thirty minutes later shaking like I was in Antarctica.

This pain was severe and I hope it never comes back again. I still enjoy a coffee and an occasional alcoholic beverage however I have cut down a lot and I eat a lot cleaner than before with vegetable and lean meats consumption.

Essentially it comes down to the individual. Make sure you know your body and make sure you know what feels right and what feels wrong. I knew quite quickly I wasn’t well. But the problem was because I’m obviously not a doctor I didn’t know what was wrong and I assumed it was gastro.

- So I would suggest the following.
-       - Record your symptoms and why you think you could be sick.
-      -  Make sure you check them with how you normally feel.
-       - Check your temperature.
-      -  Make sure you aren’t tender around the abdomen or under the ribs.
-     -   Make sure you aren’t experiencing hot and cold flushes.

In summary it becomes pretty obvious if you are suffering from the condition. It essentially cripples you in all aspects. I couldn’t function. I couldn’t even walk during the day. All I could do was be confined to a hospital bed and to my hotel room before this. So make sure you seek professional medical help as soon as you have any concerns.

Get Smashed Pancreatitis. Dangers Of A Big Night.

A short new phrase for pancreatitis is the ‘Get Smashed Version’. This is quite common and seems to be a growing condition across much of the Western World. I myself have done this, however myn was also caused by a total change in diet from a high protein to a high fat diet. Essentially people on long benders drinking alcohol and taking illicit substances are putting themselves at risk of developing this ‘Get Smashed’ ‘Alcoholic ‘ Pancreas inflammation.

Here is a little on my Story. I am now 26 years old and my nights out have become much smaller and less frequent after my bout a couple of years ago. I remember being 18 and going out a couple of times a week, binge drinking, to excess. So much so I struggled to eat the next day & I looked terrible. I felt terrible also. It took me days to recover. This is the mindset of many young kids today in the western developed world, from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ & other European countries. We need to get the message out that looking after your health is the most importance aspect of ones life. We only get one life and we need to ensure we do our best to look after our organs and our physical health.

      I am to blame for me developing a condition on the back of big nights and a high fat diet while on holidays overseas. I have to take responsibility of this and I do. So much so that I try to make sure it doesn’t happen again. We need to get the message out to the youth of today that a good time can be achieved without taking illicit substances or excessive amounts of alcohol.

This is not a problem for the youth, apart from the youth of today being the victims. It is the responsibility of myself and the older generation now to do more about getting the word out. Changing the image of what’s cool and what’s not cool. If we get a lot of well known movie actors coming out against this then we can make a big difference.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Continuing To Drink After? Will I get Sick? Common Questions

Some of the most common questions I have been asked on this site are, can I continue to drink after pancreatitis and will I get sick if I do? Well I am not being over dramatic but by continuing to drink you are putting your health in harms way. It’s a very big risk which can lead to serious complications and it can even prove fatal. I have heard stories with people continuing to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or several. Some people have got sick drinking spirits so they have had a few months off and then commenced drinking beer. It does work for some people, but it’s still an unnecessary risk.

I was also told by a nurse when I had an acute bout that I would need to take it easy for a while and that after a substantial rest period I would be able to go out and socialize again. This was bad advice. I would advise anyone against drinking again. However if you are drinking in moderation then I guess it can be done. But the warning signs should be researched as there are many. Risking your health for a few drinks at a party was something I did after. Thinking upon it now, it’s extremely stupid and I regret doing it. I have been checking myself and reducing the socializing which I have done recently. I like to stay inside now, read a book, enjoy a cup of green tea and go to bed early.

My diet has also improved dramatically with a large intake of vegetables, green tea and water and lean meats. Also large serves of white meats and fish are consistent throughout my diet. I have seen people go back to drinking but usually this is several months or years after their first bout occurs. So be wary of the dangers.  Remember to sign up to our free subscription service. It might seem spammy. But I rarely send out newsletters to subscribers, when I do it usually involves new findings and tips which can help the health of your pancreas.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Can This Condition Be Reversed?

This is a common question especially from the youth of today. Can this be reversed? Why is this common. Well the youth of today realize that after you have this condition it significantly impacts your quality of life and in most cases you will have to tone down alcohol intake and other substance intake. This can be a life altering condition, which is tough for sufferers to understand. And as we know this can be hard especially for the Youth to implement. Therefore reversal is ideal but it’s virtually impossible.

Once you suffer from pancreatitis once, even acute conditions which last a couple of days and then goes away, recovery only lasts for three months following this. After this period, recovery still occurs but at a much slower rate. After my illness I struggled to keep down food for three months after and I always felt bloated and would constantly burp, vomit and have gas. The recovery period of three months after developing the condition is the most important and this is the best chance you have of getting your pancreas back to optimum health. Achieving optimal health is difficult though as the pancreas would have been damaged from the bout anyhow. But getting it up to 90% of what it previously was is a big achievement so take extra care in the months after you have the illness.

So I just wanted to pass on the message that this can’t be reversed. I tried to achieve this. Recovery can be achieved to a degree, but it means that you need to be much more careful once you have had this illness in any form. It can come back and it’s usually much more severe when it returns. So the best thing to do is try avoid getting it altogether. You may be unlucky and receive it due to genetics, but make sure you reduce your intake of fatty foods, alcohol & acidic beverages.

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Can Pancreatitis Kill You? Why This Condition Can Kill.

Everyone is wondering can pancreatitis kill you. The easy answer is yes. It commonly happens and it can happen in many different forms. Some people pass away during acute bouts, whereas other can pass away from long chronic bouts. Essentially it is very important to remember pancreatitis can kill you and I will quickly explain how in non-medical terms.

What you need to know about how it can kill:

-   During bouts of pancreatitis, enzymes aren’t digested properly and this leads to toxins flowing throughout your body. This can damage and also lead to organ failure. Acute bouts can be the quickest and most severe however Chronic long term conditions can also be very dangerous and debilitating.

It’s a bit frustrating reading online, only to realize a lot of articles and news sites suggest that this isn’t that dangerous. Pancreatitis is something that should be well known, it’s highly dangerous and the recovery time averages three to six months. It’s important to remember even after bouts, the organ won’t fully heal however the initial time after is extremely important.

If you have a friend who has had this, please encourage them to look after their health, eat healthy and stay fit.  You can read different articles throughout this site and all will hopefully help you in understanding how dangerous and common this condition is. Rates of these conditions are increasing throughout the Western world such as Australia, USA & Britain.

If you have any questions please let me know. Remember to also sign up to our email subscription service & I will provide updates with new findings, diet tips & recent news on these conditions.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Did Pancreatitis Damage My Liver?

In this post we look at the terrible relationship between pancreatitis and liver damage. During bouts of pancreatitis, the liver and all other organs can be damaged. Essentially this condition can lead to death, whether it be acute or a prolonged chronic condition. The seriousness of these conditions are often under stated and I learnt this first hand when I was lying in a hospital bed in a trip to New York City which went horribly wrong.

-       I will define this post in a non-medical way. So non-medical professionals such as myself and my readers can understand this logic. During bouts of pancreatitis the enzymes aren’t successfully processed through the organ and they often contaminate, damage and poison other organs. The liver is no exception, as this can be substantially damaged by the toxins which are being released throughout these conditions. The kidneys can also be damaged.

It’s important to remember nearly every organ in the human body can be damaged during acute and chronic bouts. Acute are often the most dangerous early on, with chronic over long periods of time being persistent and dangerous also.

It’s also possible that if you have alcohol induced pancreatitis, that alcohol and not pancreatitis itself has damaged your liver. However a connection between both can be made. It’s important to understand what triggers your bouts.  For me high fat food is crucial. Since then I have totally changed my diet. I am not saying I am 100% healthy right now, but I haven’t had a relapse in over two years.

So far I have been tidying up my diet to include substantial amounts of water, fruit, vegetables, white meat and only lean red meats.  I have had positive effects since I feel much better.

White Bread & Pancreatitis. Influence of the white loaf on the Pancreas.

A common question being sent in is how does white bread impact the pancreas and can this lead to pancreatitis. Unfortunately it can. It’s always important to remember that foods with high fat levels, high sugar levels & other toxins can damage the pancreas. White bread is very high in sugar per serve and this food has high levels of carbohydrates, which if not worked off with exercise this storage can lead straight to the formation of fat.

A short list of alternatives include:

-       Wholemeal bread.
-       Grain Bread

Both these types of bread may take some getting use to. But after several years of eating these types of bread. I can comftorably say I am 100% use to this bread. Now If I switch back into eating white bread, this often tastes sweet. Apart from being healthy I am accustomed to eating Wholemeal bread and the finish this bread gives is great.

Avocado can also be used as a spread instead of butter. Using avocado is much healthier than using butter on your bread. So if you are currently having white bread with butter, make the switch to wholemeal bread or Grain bread and avocado. After a week or so you will thank me. Apart from being a healthier choice on the pancreas, this is delicious. Most coffee shops here in Australia are beginning to use avocado spread instead of butter.

It’s easy to find healthier alternatives to the current foods you are eating. For me making the switch to Wholemeal bread seemed boring but I am sure my organs are quite happy with the switch. I still eat White bread every so often, maybe on a weekend when I am out with family or friends. But I usually restrict my intake of this bread & I make sure on weekdays all I am consuming is brown bread and grain bread.