Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Impact of Chocolate and Ice Cream

Chocolate and Ice Cream are loved by the entire population. It is one of the best sweets for those with a sweet tooth. Now the question that is being asked through email is can you eat these after pancreatitis attacks? Well if you have recovered fully (over 6 months good recovery) then there is a remote chance.

My pancreatitis was alcohol induced so it isn't impacted by any foods i eat, therefore i do consume chocolate and ice cream and feel fine afterwards. I also feel good after coffee so it is obvious my alcohol induced pancreatitis, is only caused by consuming alcohol, which i stay away from.

If you have non-alcohol induced acute or chronic pancreatitis then it is increasingly likely that you shouldn't consume any chocolate or ice cream. My best advice is to see a medical professional to get some good advice on the subject. Once again this is just my opinion, but you should definetely stay away from chocolate and ice cream, due to high caffeine, fat and sugar levels which can be detrimental for your health.

How do you know if you have it? After a big weekend socializing?

It is important to understand if you need to seek medical attention straight away. During my first bout of acute pancreatitis it was something i had never felt before. The next day when symptoms started i was sick and it felt about four or fives time more painful then a normal bad stomach.

I was sitting at a restaurant with my family and the food smelt good but it made me sick. I couldn't even think about consuming food. My body was just telling me there is no chance any food is going to be consumed today. I couldn't even consume coffee. Truthfully i didn't even feel like consuming water. That is when i realised something just isn't right. I had no idea what i had, i assumed it was a bad stomach bug that was going around.

If you are wondering whether you have it or asking yourself how do you know if you have it? Your stomach and under your ribs will be extremely painful. You will not feel like eating anything at all. It is important to seek medical and professional help straight away. With the pancreas you can't just wait it out as it can prove fatal. So my best advice for you is to book your self in to your local GP and go for a visit as soon as you can.

The New Era Of Alcohol and Casual Drug Use Leading to Rising Levels

The increase in alcohol and drug consumption by the youth of modern society is a big reason on why instances of alcohol induced pancreatitis are rising at alarming levels in countries such as the USA, UK and Australia. Society is changing and the attitudes to drinking and casual drug use are always changing. After speaking to some relatives over twenty years my age I can explain in my view the changing attitudes of the youths of society. In the past around twenty to thirty years ago the youth of society would go out and consume alcohol for the point of enjoyment and that usually consisted of two or three drinks a day. Currently those attitudes have changed and the youth of society go out and get substantially drunk which is leading to major health implications. It is also having effects on all forms of society and they are predominantly negative. I feel the answer is education and increased funding to get the message across that a good time can be achieved through no alcohol consumption or recreational drug use. We need to be informing the youth of current societies about the implications on their health.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

How Much Water Should I Drink Per Day? And How Quick Should I Drink Water?

After suffering pancreatitis or any pancreas illness it is important to always stay hydrated with the correct liquids. Stay away from anything with caffeine in it unless you feel as if it doesn't effect your condition. I stay with bottled water all day after my morning coffee. It is important to drink a good amount of water per day and it is important to take your time when you drink it.

It is important to understand that the maximum water kidneys can process is 1 liter per hour, otherwise it becomes toxic on your body and the term is called 'water intoxication' which can prove fatal. So make sure you consume less than 1 liter of water per hour. During the midday hours i consume around 300 ml an hour. I usually consume between 3-4 liters a day. During the winter months i consume closer to 3 liters a day and during summer months i consume 4 liters a day. If i am performing fitness and other work outs i try to increase my water intake slightly to ensure i am hydrated.

Water helps the pancreas and other major organs filter bad toxins easily throughout the body. Considering a majority of human body mass is made up of water, the importance of consuming adequate amounts of water is extremely important on your health.

Monday, 24 June 2013

HIV Drugs Are A Cause, What You Should Know About HIV

HIV drugs have long been known to be a cause of pancreatitis. Drugs such as didanosine , pentamidine and diuretics and other drugs do in some cases cause problems to the pancreas. It is important to do as much research as possible on the subject, if your medication has caused this then often your doctor or medical professional will advise you a different set of medication.

All bodies are different and the pancreas responds differently to different medications throughout different people. Therefore while in most cases HIV medication will not cause pancreatitis, it does is a small but substantial amount of cases cause damage to the pancreas, usually temporary damage which has a six month recovery time after. This is similar to the problems caused by acute conditions.

So if you are, or know somebody who is HIV positive and is on different medication that you think might be causing symptoms of pancreatitis, then it is important to see a medical specialist straight away. It might not be the HIV medications causing this but in the minor chance it is, your medical professional will organize different medication for you to consume. I wish you the best health possible.

How to get travel insurance? What you need to know.

Pancreatitis is a pre-existing condition when travelling and travel insurance companies will often not cover any recurring bouts of pancreatitis. That is speaking generally of most travel insurance companies. However i am noticing that specific travel insurance companies can cover those who have previously had pancreatitis. The cost of insurance is much more but it is definetely worth paying. When travelling, often diets change substantially which will also put you at a greater risk of developing another bout of the illness.

If you have had the condition in the past then most people don't travel again. But if you do decide to travel again then their are a few travel insurance companies that will cover you. They will request however that you don't consume alcohol or caffeine drinks and don't consume fast, fatty food when you travel. This is very hard to monitor but they advise this.

When travelling you will need travel insurance regardless of whether you think you will get sick or not. In the case you do get sick the cost for such professional medical services in countries overseas can cost over ten thousand dollars a night.

The Curse of Never Being Able To Drink Again.

I have noticed the most popular searches are can you ever drink again after a bout of pancreatitis. And how much can you drink again if you decide to drink again? Well the answer is you can't and it can prove fatal. If you do make the decision to drink again i would stick with between one to three drinks maximum. But its not worth the risk.

The hardest thing to achieve is mindset over alcohol. You need to view things as if you can still have a great time and be funny with your friends. Socializing can be very fun without alcohol or recreational drugs, so adopt a positive mindset. Say some jokes with friends and get deep into conversation and you will forget about not drinking and being no fun.

Furthermore if you have had alcohol induced pancreatitis i notice a lot of people are still able to drink caffeine drinks without any side effects after. So why not have a couple of coffees which will give you energy during your time out. But this is just my opinion. My acute pancreatitis was alcohol induced and now i am not able to drink alcohol again, but i am able to drink coffee i currently have two or three cups a day and i feel great. I have around four to five litres of water per day aswell. As i say in every post everybody is different, so seek professional advice.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

How do you know if you have it?

How do you know if you have pancreatitis? There is no point worrying yourself sick, searching online and waiting to see if you have developed the condition in either an acute or chronic form. The best thing to do if you have any symptoms of the condition is to go straight to hospital or a medical professional as it can be life threatening.

You will then be given an ultra sound and blood test in which you can get results within a few hours as to what is causing your symptoms. It may or not be what you think it is, but it is best to get checked by a professional as soon as you can.

Don't adopt the old mindset of waiting things out because any problem with the pancreas can prove fatal within a matter of minutes, hours or days. That is obviously worst case scenario but it is best to be on the safe side as there is no better asset then your health. So go visit a medical professional or call an ambulance and go straight to hospital if you are worried you have pancreatitis.

How Much Will It Cost and When Will It Be Ready?

Not a lot of information is available on the progress or release dates of the artificial pancreas. Some important questions are what will it cost and when will it be ready and released for the public? Patients with problematic pancreas conditions are asking these questions frequently often because a quick fix is needed and hopefully can occur soon.

The artificial pancreas is progressing however detailed research which is showing success has only recently been completed so I am guessing we are still a long way away from this being released to the public. However I am not in the know, but I am trying to help and have researched this topic for over 15 hours this week. So far it is only focusing on helping those people with diabetes however it should only be a matter of time until it helps other people who have pancreas problems.

It seems like a natural evolution for an artificial pancreas to then be used to treat patients with pancreatic cancer or chronic pancreatitis. However as I mentioned before I am not a professional and often my posts are more wishful thinking. I do perform a lot of research during the week on these subjects. Hopefully when this is released to the public it is at a reasonable cost or private health care companies can at least cover a majority of the costs for patients. I wish you the best health possible, continue to look after your self the best you can.

How Long Is The Healing Time? Will It Fully Heal?

A common question asked is how long is the healing time. Will it fully heal? And how long can your pancreas heal for after an acute attack? Often it is assumed it can't heal, that is often the case for those with chronic conditions. However if your attack is acute, especially alcohol induced, then you have a window of 6 months recovery. And during that time period it is very important to treat your body like a temple.

After an acute attack the healing process begins and lasts for six months. After six months no more healing occurs however it is important to continue to look after yourself. If your condition is alcohol induced it is important to stay away from alcohol. During my six month recovery period I drank large amounts of water and occasionally apple and fresh carrot juice as these are known to help cleanse your body and pancreas from toxins.

So before you hear the worst possible news or advice. It is important to know if you have a mild acute condition often substantial healing can occur in the six months after the incident. So stay healthy, drink a lot of water, stay hydrated and look after yourself. Ask your doctor or medical professional for specific advice on the healing potential of the pancreas in relation to your condition. I am simply a one time acute pancreatitis sufferer, so please ask for advice from medical professionals.

Artificial Pancreas Release Date? How Far Away Is This Breakthrough

Important information regarding the release date of the artificial pancreas is expected to be released shortly. This is very good news for all sufferers of illnesses and diseases concerning this major organ. It could also lead to life saving treatment for many across the globe. I am watching this story closely looking at development and release dates and will continue to update you on what information i can find.

Now the artificial organ is expected to focus on helping people with diabetes at first but eventually we hope it develops to help millions of sufferers around the world who unfortunately develop pancreatic cancer and chronic pancreatitis. It is important to note that this artificial organ has only been completed to help diabetes sufferers and i assume it will help a host of other sufferers in the future, that is just my opinion based on continued research.

I expect the release date is still a while away and after hours of researching the subject i can't find a definitive answer. The artificial pancreas is still in the experiment and research stages but hopefully we could see it released to the public soon. Many people are reliant and anxious to try the artificial organ. Once again as soon as i find more information on the subject i will update you. For now i send my best wishes for your continued improvement.

Viagra, What Effects does this have?

Viagra can be a very unlikely cause of acute pancreatitis. The chances are extremely remote however it can't be completely ignored. Everybody has different bodies that react differently to what is consumed and for some, research is suggesting as little as 0.01% of patients with side effects, the consumption of viagra to treat erectile dysfunction has been linked to being the cause of acute pancreatitis.

So if you are worried about developing the condition from taking viagra then there isn't much to worry about as the chances are extremely remote. The statistics are a minimal (0.01%) chance, based on those suffering side effects, so it would be even lower if the research focused on the general population. So essentially through extensive research viagra is not a common cause of either acute or chronic pancreatitis.

Results and findings constantly change due to increased funding allowing better research and experiments. Once again i emphasize that i am not a doctor or specialist so please seek a second opinion. Stay healthy, stay active and treat your body well.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Protein Drinks, Creatine and Steroid Use. What are the main side effects?

This post will examine the effects of Creatine, Protein Shakes and Steroid use and whether this can cause pancreatitis. In the modern age the use of these supplements is extremely popular as the gym culture continues to increase throughout society. A majority of people are focused on their physical image and muscle mass.

Research indicates that creatine can have substantial effects on the pancreas. Creatine taken on a single occassion or taken consistently can cause pancreatitis. Essentially taking creatine is like playing roulette with the health of your pancreas. The consumption of steroids can have the same effect on the pancreas, leading to pancreatitis. Steroid use goes under the category of drug induced pancreatitis and it is increasingly common.

The chances of developing pancreatitis due to protein shake consumption is lower in comparison to pancreatitis caused by steroid or creatine consumption. However all three can cause the illness so my advice is to avoid all three. This post i have created is designed for those who are increasingly focused on their physical image. It is not worth looking good at the expense of your pancreas. Once again i emphasize that i am not a medical professional and i just offer an opinion as a one time acute pancreatitis sufferer.

Red Bull, Mother and V Energy Drinks, Can Energy Drinks Cause Harm?

A lot of people drink coffee but over the past decade energy drinks such as Red Bull, V and mother are increasingly popular. It is interesting to look at whether energy drinks cause acute pancreatitis or can worsen a condition towards chronic pancreatitis. Energy drinks such as 'Mother', 'V Energy Drink', 'Red Bull',  contain very high levels of caffeine and high levels of sugar, leading to a substantial energy boost. Most energy drinks advise not to drink more than two a day otherwise it could lead to serious health implications so lets have a look at the effect it has on the pancreas and whether energy drinks can lead to pancreatitis.

After a few hours of research looking at medical findings and studies it seems that people who consume a minimum of 2-3 soft drinks a week which also include energy drinks, have a higher chance of developing pancreatic cancer and most likely pancreatitis. The sugar and caffeine levels are so substantial in energy drinks that they are often two to three times more than that in soft drinks, so essentially caffeine does cause pancreatitis. Therefore we can assume that energy drinks can cause pancreatitis. My advice is to drink them in moderate amounts if you do consume energy drinks, however it is best to just stop drinking them all together. Once again i emphasize to remember i am not a medical professional i am simply a one time acute pancreatitis sufferer. The high levels of caffeine in energy drinks such as Red Bull, V and Mother, can possibly lead to pancreatitis, so be aware of this. Good luck with your health!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Light Beer vs Full Strength Beer? What is the best beer for your health?

For those of you who stubbornly continue to drink after a bout of pancreatitis (admittedly i have one a couple of times a year). A common question asked is what is easier on the pancreas, light beer or full strength beer? The obvious answer is light beer. Light beer usually has half the alcoholic volume of full strength beer and is therefore easier for your pancreas and all your organs to process. Essentially you shouldn't be drinking alcohol at all, but if you have to chose between a light or a full strength beer on special occasions, then by all means chose the light beer.

Also for those of you who haven't developed pancreatitis and just want to make sure the health of your pancreas is at optimum levels. Change up your full strength beer to light strength beer. It is a wise move. A lot of pancreatitis sufferers wish they did this before bouts of acute or chronic pancreatitis developed. Most importantly i am not a medical expert so please seek advice from your local medical expert and if you have an alcohol addiction problem, please get the appropriate help.

Is Heroin A Cause? Can using or coming off Heroin be a cause?

Like any drug or medication, the use of Heroin can cause pancreatitis. Heroin is a very hard drug which can do substantial damage to the pancreas. Medical research has shown that the use of heroin causes an increase in salivary isoamylase which can cause damage to all organs including the pancreas, leading to pancreatitis. Heroin is also consistently linked to causing complications of the receptor down regulation, leading to deficiencies in bile production. 

As i advise in the use of all drugs on this website, stay away from Heroin. It is illegal and has disastrous effects on the user, the users family and the entire community. If you have an addiction problem please seek help. Heroin is a very hard drug which often proves fatal for users.

You may not like reading this post but i have to contribute information to readers from all walks of society. I am not a medical professional i contribute all this information to countless hours of research. Please seek professional medical help if you have any more questions.

Cigars and Pipe Smoking?

While cigarette smoking is the second major cause of pancreatitis behind alcohol consumption, limited research has been done so far on the effect of cigars and pipe smoking. We should assume that cigar and pipe smoking has the same effect as cigarette smoking on your pancreas, as the toxins are hard on the pancreas to process and therefore does damage.

Personally i would take a similar approach to cigarette smoking if i was concerned about pancreatitis. I would essentially stop cigar and pipe smoking until further research is done on the subject. Pancreatitis sufferers are advised to stop smoking cigarettes immediately after contracting the condition so it is best to follow the same advice in relation to cigar and pipe smoking.

Once again consult your local GP or health care professional for advice on the subject. When i see my local doctor i bring a question sheet which is specifically related to the pancreas. The more research you do on diet and lifestyle in relation to the effects on the pancreas the better. I wish you the best of luck in keeping your pancreas healthy.

Is Smoking Marijuana Dangerous? How Marijuana effects you?

Many people think smoking marijuana is fine on your pancreas, after pancreatitis. While consuming alcohol is  terrible on this important organ, smoking nicotine and marijuana is essentially the second biggest contributing factor that causes pancreatitis. Marijuana when smoked has grave effects on your pancreas. Smoking nicotine or marijuana essentially is polluting your body with toxins which puts further strain on the pancreas.

The toxins are hard to process on the pancreas and can lead to further pancreas troubles. Admittedly medical research is proving smoking marijuana or nicotine is not as punishing as consuming large amounts of alcohol. You still should stay away from nicotine and marijuana. Don't smoke at all if you are worried about the health of your pancreas. And if you don't want another case of pancreatitis, simply stay away from smoking anything.

It is best to be on the safe side. While you may get away with occasional smoking, my motto is why take the risk? Once again i am not a medical professional so seek medical advice. But stay away from smoking any form of nicotine or marijuana. I wish you the best of luck and good health.

Coffee Doesn't effect me it seems? Short blacks or flat whites?

So i haven't had another relapse of acute pancreatitis since i have considerably cut down and removed binge drinking and eating fatty foods. But i have been consuming substantial amounts of coffee per day, i usually have three cups of coffee.

I start with a flat white in the morning. And then i have a flat white around lunch time. But after lunch in the late afternoon i have a short black which helps give me energy and alertness for exercise. I usually just do a 3-4 KM walk on the treadmill each day.

I feel the exercise has been a major contributor to not having a relapse of acute pancreatitis yet. But i do know i have a lot more work to do. I usually sweat a little bit while walking 3-4 km's which mentally helps me as it is toxins leaving the body. But i am moving away from the point of this post and it is that coffee doesn't seem to effect my pancreatitis at this stage. But like i continue to emphasize i am not a medical professional and this is just my experience. So seek medical and professional help if needed.

Is Prozac a major cause? What Prozac users should know.

I have been using prozac for nearly five years now. And i feel mentally stable on the medication. I also have been told i need to take the medication for the rest of my life to control anxiety and depression. Now i have had one bout of acute pancreatitis and now i need to look after myself to ensure it doesn't come back. So far i have been eating healthy and keep fluid up by drinking between 3 and 4 litres of water per day. And it has worked so far with no relapses of the condition.

However something that has got me intrigued is, could my acute pancreatitis have been caused by me taking prozac? Well i can't find any proof that this has been a factor. But i do know its most likely not the cause as i was drinking a little to much alcohol and eating fatty foods. But it is worth doing some research on the subject and contact your local GP. I have been told it wasn't a contributing factor for me. But everyones body reacts differently to different medications. And medications have been known to have caused pancreatitis. So do some research on how consuming prozac effects you.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Chewing Tobacco and the effects of Nicotine

Chewing Tobacco and all kinds of nicotine is extremely toxic on the entire human body and the pancreas when consumed. Chewing tobacco is known to be a direct cause of acute pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is caused by all kinds of nicotine consumption, from cigarette smoking, cigar smoking and chewing tobacco.

Chewing tobacco is quite common throughout the United States of America and many people think it is a lot healthier than smoking cigarettes or cigars. It may be for some parts of the human body, but for the pancreas nicotine is extremely toxic and hard to break down.

Chewing tobacco can be either a direct or indirect cause of acute pancreatitis and can further worsen a condition into chronic pancreatitis. It is also a habit that is hard to shrug. We urge you to stop chewing tobacco if you are worried about the health of your pancreas.

Analysis of MDMA and Ecstasy, are these causes?

Over the past few hours I have been doing extensive research on ecstasy (MDMA) to see if the use of this prohibited drug is a major cause of pancreatitis. It has been proven that single infrequent use of MDMA is not related to acute pancreatitis attacks, however on going and prolonged use of MDMA is a definite contributor to chronic pancreatitis.

The obvious answer is not to take any illegal substances. However this post has been created for the small chance of a casual or regular mdma user reading this, importantly trying to get this message across. Stop using this drug. It is illegal and although infrequent use most likely won't cause acute pancreatitis. MDMA has been known to and results are proving that it does irrepairable damage to the heart and frequent use may be a contributing factor to chronic pancreatitis. So please be smart and think twice before making such a silly decision. If you are battling an addiction please seek help and I wish you the best of luck.

Coca Cola and Codeine? Are these two major new causes?

I have been emailed questions this week from readers, regarding the effect of coca cola and codeine. Have coca cola or codeine been proven to cause acute pancreatitis? The simple answer is no and yes. Coca Cola has long been attributed to Pancreatic cancer. High caffeine levels throughout coca cola can be can be a contributing factor to pancreatitis, all soft drink and fast food can. However it is important to note that narrowly linking coca cola as the main cause isn't proven yet.

After rare studies codeine is now proven to cause acute pancreatitis. However the case that was proven to occur was extremely rare and involved a woman who took low dose codeine. This case was one of the rarest that has been examined in relation to pancreatitis and what causes this illness. Codeine will not have an affect on the majority of the population, however in a rare case it was the sole contributing factor to a bout of acute pancreatitis

So as long as you are not solely drinking coca cola, I doubt it is going to cause pancreatitis if drunk moderately. However if you are drinking large quantities of coca cola then you are running the risk due to high caffeine levels, however it also has other health consequences which you should research. As for codeine, it is unlikely that this will effect you and directly lead to pancreatitis. However it must be noted that in this rare case it did, so it can't be ruled out completely and more research on the effect of codeine is being conducted.

Stay Away From Vodka and Tequila

While its obvious to stay away from all alcohol when you have such a condition i am alarmingly reading over a lot of similar posts from pancreatitis sufferers on the internet. The consumption of Vodka is linked to a lot of bouts of acute. It seems quite common that after a large binge on a single day consuming vodka, many people have become sick with the acute condition.
Vodka is one of the most potent forms of alcohol available to consume. This is a heavy spirit which is easy to consume due to its tasteless flavour. The spirit is not bitter which is also another reason why it is popular throughout society. It is something to stay away from if you want to look after your pancreas and avoid ever getting pancreatitis. You should stay away from all alcohol as we mention frequently on this blog however my most important advice for those who haven't been affected by pancreatitis, is to give spirits a miss completely.
Some of my friends stick to beer and wine. I am not saying drinking is good, you deinetely shouldn't drink if you have had pancreatitis or haven't had it. But if you are going to drink then give heavy spirits a miss, such as vodka.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Can you do drugs after pancreatitis? Can drugs cause pancreatitis? And does Cocaine cause the condition?

While a very low percentage of the population are recreational drug users it is very important to write about this topic. There are some very important facts which I feel users should be aware of.

- Recreational drugs. All kinds of drugs can damage the pancreas and cause pancreatitis. More importantly it can damage all your other organs as well and prove fatal. Recreational drugs can cause damage to the pancreas, recreational drugs can also lead to health complications for nearly every other organ. There are also horrific figures showing very high levels of fatalities and complications as a result of recreational drug use such as cocaine and MDMA.

- Recreational drugs are illegal, so don't do them anyway. If you make a silly mistake to take them and are wondering if it will cause pancreatitis or can re-inflame a pre-existing acute pancreatitis condition or worsen a chronic pancreatitis condition, then yes, they definitely can.

So my answer for recreational drugs use is the same answer I provide for alcohol consumption. Don't do recreational or any other form of drugs. Not just because it is increasingly damaging on the pancreas and can worsen pancreatitis and lead to death. It is highly dangerous, can ruin lives and won't just hurt the user, it has substantial effects on the users family and friends and throughout all forms of society.

How long after pancreatitis can you drink?

The simple answer is never. You can't drink again. That is the advice all sensible medical professionals will give you. If you want to continue to drink which is a stubborn thing to do but I assume a very common approach then drink minimal or moderate amounts.

Now for up to 6 months after an acute pancreatitis attack the pancreas can recover through good diet, exercise and good maintenance. From what I have been reading after 6 months not much recovery goes on it is just maintenance. So after you have been sick stick to water for six months and stick to vegetables and fruit and light meals. After 6 months then I guess your pancreas will be mostly recovered.

Each case is different. Everyone has different influences and effected from different drinks and food they consume. That is what makes us all unique. But if you are going to continue to drink minimal amounts of alcohol after, then at least wait six months. If you want to but can't, try find help as you may have alcohol dependence.

Lean Meat or Red Meat, what is worse for the pancreas?

Red meat is extremely tough on the digestive system and pancreas to digest and break down. Minimize your consumption of red meat. Yes it does have a lot of other benefits. But if you have had pancreatitis or continue to have pancreatitis then it is definitely something you should minimize or remove completely from your diet.

Lean meat is much easier on the digestive system and the pancreas but it still can be harsh if you are overcoming or trying to get through bouts of acute and chronic pancreatitis. My best advice would be to consume salmon and tuna and lot of seafoods which are much easier on the pancreas to process. After I consume seafood I feel fine and there is a host of other benefits without most of the major problems that red meat has on the digestive system.

When I mix up my diet from vegetables, fruit and a lot of water to treat myself. I rather have salmon and tuna which is much easier to process than big meals of t bone or scotch fillet steak. Once again I will emphasize that everyone is different but this has been my experience up to now as a previous sufferer of acute pancreatitis.

If you continue to drink after pancreatitis stay away from Red Wine.

So as in all my posts let me go over the facts again that you should stop drinking completely. If however you feel stubborn like me sometimes and have one alcoholic drink (which I do once or twice a year), then stay away from red wine. For me Red wine makes me feel bloated after I drink it. I have been doing some research and it seems a lot of pancreatitis sufferers who continue to drink have felt the same. So in short don't drink at all, but if you are stubborn and drink one or two on special occasions then stay away from the red wine and stay away from more potent alcoholic drinks. If you consume drinks with a high percentage of alcohol then you are asking for trouble.

After consuming a very small amount of red wine I feel bloated and it doesn't go well. That is my personal experience and won't be the same for everyone. Remember to stop drinking completely and to eat a low fat diet. And also remember to see a doctor or medical professional as this site only has my personal experiences and views and I am not a qualified medical professional.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Artificial Pancreas to Be A Saviour for Pancreatic Cancer and Pancreatitis Sufferers?

The news is good but we may be a long way off from the artificial pancreas becoming a reality.
Artificial pancreases under development have so far shown improvements to those who have diabetes in Europe. As further improvements are made the artificial pancreas could hopefully become a solution for those who suffer from pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer.

Medicine is consistently improving and research into pancreas has shown slow developments over time. Hopefully In the next few decades cures and possible alternatives are provided for those who suffer from pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis. The importance of this organ has come to fruition globally over the past decades and large funding is seen in medical institutes throughout Europe and North America.

The artificial pancreas uses infrared data and monitors glucose levels of those it is treating. Specifically proving a much safer solution to patients who have glucose levels that dangerously fluctuate while they are sleeping.

While the testing of the artificial pancreas is new and has only been treated on around 20 patients. We hope over the coming years there is major progression for this instrument. Right now it is designed to help type 1 diabetes sufferers however in future years we hope it helps pancreatic cancer sufferers and pancreatitis sufferers.

Best Fruit and Fruit Juices to Consume for The Pancreas?

My personal preference of fruit and fruit juices to consume is apple and apple juice. I currently consume 1 apple per day and this has a range of benefits for the entire digestive system including the pancreas. Apple juice also has a range of benefits for the pancreas and kidneys as it is known to cleanse all the major organs of the human body.

The consumption of 1 apple per day has many benefits for pancreatitis sufferers. Also carrots are known to cleanse the body of toxins. So mixing up an apple and carrot juice can prove highly beneficial.

Many different fruits have different benefits for the pancreas so make sure you research these topics in depth. As a former acute pancreatitis sufferer it is very important to research all the foods to develop a healthy diet that suits you. Remember your greatest asset is your health.

Water Fasting To Improve Acute Pancreatitis?

For sufferers with acute pancreatitis you will mostly be put on a drip to rehydrate and you won't be allowed solid food to help the pancreas recover. By consuming a clear liquid only diet the pancreas isn't required to process harsh food which can prove very damaging.

Often sufferers of acute pancreatitis will be required to go on a clear liquid diet for up to 2-3 days. Even if you are not in the middle of acute pancreatitis, a simple one or two day water fast can prove beneficial to the pancreas and your entire digestive system. Do more research on the subject. By not having any food to digest, your entire digestive system can heal and recover quickly through water fasting.

The importance of having a healthy pancreas is paramount as it is one of the most important organs in the human body. Many people neglect the importance of pancreas health. Large meals which are high in fat can prove very hard for the pancreas to process. A water fast or clear liquids diet often proves beneficial in helping sufferers overcome bouts of acute pancreatitis and helps the pancreas fully recover after the onset of the illness.

How much water is healthy for Pancreatitis sufferers? Acute and chronic water consumption?

While adding a low fat healthy diet is very important. Of major importance is water intake for acute and chronic pancreatitis sufferers. Water helps cleanse your pancreas and the rest of your body, helping eliminate toxins from your body. Consuming adequate amounts of water 3-4 litres a day helps your pancreas cleanse itself and help remove the toxins from your body.

Your kidneys can only process 1 litre of water per hour so don't drink water to fast. As this can also lead to water intoxication which is very dangerous.

It is a good idea to always have a bottle of water with you throughout the day and continue to sip on it. If you can drink 3 litres a day, then you will feel better and your pancreas will be much more healthy.

Water is just as important as eating a healthy low fat diet. Remember a large proportion of our entire body mass is made up of water.

How long can you live without your Pancreas? Life expectancy after pancreas removal?

Most pancreatitis sufferers constantly fear a worsening condition of chronic pancreatitis which could eventually lead to requiring the removal of part or all of your pancreas. Now as normal doctors will give you the worst case scenario. After your pancreas has been removed you will have to take enzymes before all your meals.

Many complications can arise but just by searching across the internet a lot of people live for decades and in some cases live a full normal life after pancreas removal surgery. Obviously you need to get a lot of different opinions on this, but it seems that many people live long without a pancreas although life styles changes are substantial. You will have to rest a lot more and take very good care of your self but if you can do this then the future looks bright.

Pancreas removal surgery is mostly for those with chronic pancreatitis. When chronic pancreatitis sufferers have a condition that doesn't improve and constantly worsens often you will be advised to have part or in rare cases all of the pancreas removed.

Another great bit of information is that research and medicine is improving year by year. And artificial pancreas's are being experimented with so hopefully that is not to far away.

Will There Ever Be A Cure or Miracle Remedy to Acute and Chronic Pancreatitis?

Will there ever be a cure for acute or chronic pancreatitis? How about a miracle natural remedy that seems to pop up for most other important illnesses and diseases?

The short answer is maybe and the most important answer I feel is that it will take some time. Medicine and research and remedies are constantly improving and understanding towards acute and chronic pancreatitis is growing day by day. So stay patient keep eating healthy low fat meals and small meals. Keep hydrated with a lot of water and continue to avoid the main two pollutants such as alcohol and tobacco.

It may be hard to live with acute and chronic pancreatitis at the moment but around the corner there should be some dramatic improvements as our understanding continues to improve. All medicine is improving at rapid rates and while these illnesses lead to a lot of fatalities hopefully in the not to distant future everything is solved.

Drinking Alcohol Moderately After Acute Pancreatitis and Drinking after Chronic

I get asked a lot can I drink again. The short answer is no. That is what the doctors will tell you and that is the worse possible scenario. Many people are stubborn and continue to drink and if you are going to continue to drink then you must follow some important steps.

Drink very lightly, don't even drink to a moderate stage. I am talking 1 or 2 drinks maximum. If you are going to have three drinks then make that your absolute last. If you have alcohol induced pancreatitis than you are sensitive to alcohol so you should feel the effects early anyhow. So there is no reason to drink a lot at all. If you have acute pancreatitis I wouldn't drink again and that is the same with the more important chronic pancreatitis. Essentially these illnesses mean don't drink anymore and I advise this even further. I do have a few important steps below for those stubborn sufferers who continue to drink even after being diagnosed with this illness.

- Don't drink more than 2-3 drinks. Make sure you are sober enough to be under the legal driving limit.

- Avoid heavy alcohol drinks. Drink light drinks.

- Never drink two days in a row allow your body time to recover.

- Always drink a lot of water.

Last and most important point is not to drink. But if you do drink please follow the four steps above.

Good luck!

Sport after Acute and Chronic Pancreatitis? How long until you can play sport again?

A common question amongst pancreatitis sufferers is how long does it take to play sport again after bouts of acute and chronic pancreatitis.

- The main answer is as long as it takes the body to rehydrate properly and as long as it takes the patient to feel back to normal. The illness often leads to dehydration which contributes to organ failure. It is therefore important that sufferers allow adequate time to heal. If you can take some extra weeks or months to recover than I advise you to do that. Don't rush getting back to sport as soon as you can.

Another important fact is for say boxers. Pancreatitis in most is not caused by trauma. For that fact you can continue contact sports after. However if your pancreatitis was caused by trauma than I would seriously consider retiring from contact sports.

As I have mentioned previously doctors will give you the worst case scenario. But worst case scenarios do happen so don't make the mistake of thinking that will never happen to you. I am taking the attitude to respect that it could happen to me again. So I avoid most sport at the moment that involves contact. I do stay fit personally though through running and walking and yoga.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Best foods to eat after Pancreatitis? 5 super foods for pancreatitis?

I get asked often what are some great foods to eat to improve pancreatitis and help the pancreas recover.

The following 5 foods are great for your pancreas :

1. Tuna and Salmon.

2. Spinach

3. Red Grapes

4. Apples

5. Broccoli

Something simple as a pancreatitis sufferer I stick by is to keep things simple. If the food comes from a plant or a natural source, then it is good for you. Avoid high fat foods or processed foods as they are difficult for your pancreas to process. I encourage you to have a diet based on different types of fish, vegetables and fruit.

Avoid junk food and fast food. By eating healthy your body will receive all natural nutrients and minerals which is essential for your pancreas to recover and for your health to return to some form of normality.

Drinking Tea and Coffee with Pancreatitis, what types of tea can you drink with pancreatitis?

What coffee and tea should you drink if you have had pancreatitis?

- Stick to de-caffeinated coffee as it has less caffeine and is much easier for the pancreas to process.

- Furthermore when it comes to tea try avoid black tea. Try drink camomile tea.

- Camomile tea has many benefits that can improve the health of your pancreas. Camomile tea is great for the digestive system

Can You Ever drink Alcohol Again After Pancreatitis? Binge Drinking and Pancreatitis?

The common question I ask all the time and all other pancreatitis sufferers ask all the time is can you drink again or binge drink again after Pancreatitis? The answer is you shouldn't but there is also some important information to explain.

1. The Pancreas recovers for 6 months after any acute attack. So if you stubbornly wish to continue drinking, at least wait 6 months for the pancreas to fully heal.

2. If you have chronic pancreatitis then the answer is a more definitive no, than those who have had acute pancreatitis.

If you have sustained any form of alcohol induced pancreatitis then you should never drink again regardless of your condition. But if you have sustained pancreatitis from say Gallstones then it is possible you could drink alcohol again, although it is wise to wait 6-12 months for the pancreas to fully recover.

Realistically you will be given the worst case scenarios by all doctors and specialists. But you should listen to them because anything can happen to those who have had pancreatitis.

People forget that often pancreatitis leads to fatalities so be smart. A four hour good feeling while drinking alcohol is not worth the 24 hour hangover and pancreatitis that will follow.

Please do some more research across the internet.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Can you still binge drink alcohol after Pancreatitis and can you still drink coffee?

I get asked these questions all the time and I see people asking these pancreatitis questions all the time across the internet. Now nearly every doctor will tell you not to drink, or drink in moderation. Let me first start by saying I don't advise drinking alcohol or coffee after pancreatitis. But if you are going to drink coffee and alcohol after having pancreatitis than I can offer you some information and advice that I have received from other people who continue to do so, over the past few years.

Advice on drinking coffee after Pancreatitis:

- I would switch to de-caffeine (de-caff) coffee. The lower amounts of coffee are much easier on the pancreas to process. Caffeine is harsh on the pancreas.

- I would also switch from normal full fat milk to skim milk or even switch to Soy. Just research what kind of dairy has the most benefits and make the switch.

- If you continue to drink coffee after pancreatitis I would minimize the amount you drink. Often four or five cups a day is way to much. It is now proven two or three cups a day are good for you. Anything over that amount is to much. And that is for a normal person who hasn't had pancreatitis. So keep it to one or two cups of coffee a day, if you want to continue to drink coffee.

Advice on drinking after pancreatitis:

- As I mentioned, I advise you to stop completely. But I assume you won't.

- So my advice is to drink in moderation. Drink to the point where you are still under the legal driving limit. That is maybe one, two or three drinks over a few hours. This is risky, but my sense is if you can legally drive, then you haven't consumed to much, so keep under the limit.

- Furthermore never have alcoholic beverages two days in a row. I have heard from different media releases that this is a significant influence that leads to alcohol induced pancreatitis. It makes sense though. Alcohol is a poison and if you make the wrong choice in drinking, your body needs to recover. So the next day on its recovery day, by drinking again you are just doing more damage.

- Check out what alcohol is easiest on your insides. Some studies have suggest alcohol like Gin is much easier for you. But I am unsure, so do some research on the topic.

Like I said, these are my basic tips. But if i had to bluntly say it, i would say to give up coffee and alcohol.

Alcohol Induced Pancreatitis. Can you continue to drink alcohol after pancreatitis?

For those who have alcohol induced pancreatitis. It is highly important to quit drinking altogether. Essentially this illness means your body is sensitive to alcohol and therefore you should not consume any more alcohol. For those who continue to consume alcohol your rates of developing pancreatitis again are very high. Alcohol abuse or heavy drinkers have a much higher chance of developing acute pancreatitis and then chronic pancreatitis in the future.
If you continue to drink even after being diagnosed with alcohol induced pancreatitis i must inform you, you are taking a huge risk and i don't think it is worth it at all. After a while of not drinking your body gets use to it. And the great thing is, you won't have any hangovers which are terrible. The next day you will feel fine and your friends definetely won't be. My advice is that alcohol is not worth risking your health over, so if you have been diagnosed with alcohol induced pancreatitis simply cut it out altogether. If you can't seek help for alcohol dependency.

Coffee and Pancreatitis

As mentioned previously in this site i have removed coffee completely from my diet due to contracting acute pancreatitis. It is possible to simply drink de-caffeine coffee if you must continue to drink. This coffee has much lower levels of caffeine and is easier for the pancreas to process. The pancreas does have to work hard to process drinks that are high in caffeine. Coffee does have other health benefits and negatives but when it comes to the pancreas unfortunately it is predominantly negative as it makes the organ work a lot harder. My advice on drinking coffee with pancreatitis would be to try de-caff style coffee, which will be much easier on the pancreas to process and it will still allow you to have that fantastic taste of coffee.

Pancreatitis Diet Changes

I have been lucky in the fact that my acute pancreatitis was some what minor compared to other cases. Never the less my doctor has informed me that it is time to rid alcohol and caffeine completely from my system. I was never a big drinker of each but since i have removed these two from my system i do feel better. The worst thing for alcohol drinkers i have been told is drinking excessively and drinking for days on end. Your body and pancreas need time to recover from these pollutants. My advice for those who haven't contracted pancreatitis, is to stay fit, eat healthy, drink less and avoid getting this illness if possible.

Acute Pancreatitis Horror Travelling Story

So in 2012 i was travelling with family. And after a while i started having terrible pains near my stomach and below my ribs. I was sick for over four days. Initially i thought i had a virus that was going around at the time, as other family members travelling with me had that virus as well. Then when a doctor came he sent me to hospital and they did a blood test. From there i was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and it changed my life. I have began to learn more and more about this illness which i never knew existed before i contracted it. My aim for this blog is to help other sufferers as well by providing advice from my own personal experiences and also through revealing new studies that have been performed. I was essentially diagnosed with acute pancreatitis.