Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Alcohol Induced Pancreatitis. Can you continue to drink alcohol after pancreatitis?

For those who have alcohol induced pancreatitis. It is highly important to quit drinking altogether. Essentially this illness means your body is sensitive to alcohol and therefore you should not consume any more alcohol. For those who continue to consume alcohol your rates of developing pancreatitis again are very high. Alcohol abuse or heavy drinkers have a much higher chance of developing acute pancreatitis and then chronic pancreatitis in the future.
If you continue to drink even after being diagnosed with alcohol induced pancreatitis i must inform you, you are taking a huge risk and i don't think it is worth it at all. After a while of not drinking your body gets use to it. And the great thing is, you won't have any hangovers which are terrible. The next day you will feel fine and your friends definetely won't be. My advice is that alcohol is not worth risking your health over, so if you have been diagnosed with alcohol induced pancreatitis simply cut it out altogether. If you can't seek help for alcohol dependency.

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