Monday, 17 June 2013

Analysis of MDMA and Ecstasy, are these causes?

Over the past few hours I have been doing extensive research on ecstasy (MDMA) to see if the use of this prohibited drug is a major cause of pancreatitis. It has been proven that single infrequent use of MDMA is not related to acute pancreatitis attacks, however on going and prolonged use of MDMA is a definite contributor to chronic pancreatitis.

The obvious answer is not to take any illegal substances. However this post has been created for the small chance of a casual or regular mdma user reading this, importantly trying to get this message across. Stop using this drug. It is illegal and although infrequent use most likely won't cause acute pancreatitis. MDMA has been known to and results are proving that it does irrepairable damage to the heart and frequent use may be a contributing factor to chronic pancreatitis. So please be smart and think twice before making such a silly decision. If you are battling an addiction please seek help and I wish you the best of luck.

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