Friday, 14 June 2013

Can you do drugs after pancreatitis? Can drugs cause pancreatitis? And does Cocaine cause the condition?

While a very low percentage of the population are recreational drug users it is very important to write about this topic. There are some very important facts which I feel users should be aware of.

- Recreational drugs. All kinds of drugs can damage the pancreas and cause pancreatitis. More importantly it can damage all your other organs as well and prove fatal. Recreational drugs can cause damage to the pancreas, recreational drugs can also lead to health complications for nearly every other organ. There are also horrific figures showing very high levels of fatalities and complications as a result of recreational drug use such as cocaine and MDMA.

- Recreational drugs are illegal, so don't do them anyway. If you make a silly mistake to take them and are wondering if it will cause pancreatitis or can re-inflame a pre-existing acute pancreatitis condition or worsen a chronic pancreatitis condition, then yes, they definitely can.

So my answer for recreational drugs use is the same answer I provide for alcohol consumption. Don't do recreational or any other form of drugs. Not just because it is increasingly damaging on the pancreas and can worsen pancreatitis and lead to death. It is highly dangerous, can ruin lives and won't just hurt the user, it has substantial effects on the users family and friends and throughout all forms of society.

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