Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Can You Ever drink Alcohol Again After Pancreatitis? Binge Drinking and Pancreatitis?

The common question I ask all the time and all other pancreatitis sufferers ask all the time is can you drink again or binge drink again after Pancreatitis? The answer is you shouldn't but there is also some important information to explain.

1. The Pancreas recovers for 6 months after any acute attack. So if you stubbornly wish to continue drinking, at least wait 6 months for the pancreas to fully heal.

2. If you have chronic pancreatitis then the answer is a more definitive no, than those who have had acute pancreatitis.

If you have sustained any form of alcohol induced pancreatitis then you should never drink again regardless of your condition. But if you have sustained pancreatitis from say Gallstones then it is possible you could drink alcohol again, although it is wise to wait 6-12 months for the pancreas to fully recover.

Realistically you will be given the worst case scenarios by all doctors and specialists. But you should listen to them because anything can happen to those who have had pancreatitis.

People forget that often pancreatitis leads to fatalities so be smart. A four hour good feeling while drinking alcohol is not worth the 24 hour hangover and pancreatitis that will follow.

Please do some more research across the internet.

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