Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Can you still binge drink alcohol after Pancreatitis and can you still drink coffee?

I get asked these questions all the time and I see people asking these pancreatitis questions all the time across the internet. Now nearly every doctor will tell you not to drink, or drink in moderation. Let me first start by saying I don't advise drinking alcohol or coffee after pancreatitis. But if you are going to drink coffee and alcohol after having pancreatitis than I can offer you some information and advice that I have received from other people who continue to do so, over the past few years.

Advice on drinking coffee after Pancreatitis:

- I would switch to de-caffeine (de-caff) coffee. The lower amounts of coffee are much easier on the pancreas to process. Caffeine is harsh on the pancreas.

- I would also switch from normal full fat milk to skim milk or even switch to Soy. Just research what kind of dairy has the most benefits and make the switch.

- If you continue to drink coffee after pancreatitis I would minimize the amount you drink. Often four or five cups a day is way to much. It is now proven two or three cups a day are good for you. Anything over that amount is to much. And that is for a normal person who hasn't had pancreatitis. So keep it to one or two cups of coffee a day, if you want to continue to drink coffee.

Advice on drinking after pancreatitis:

- As I mentioned, I advise you to stop completely. But I assume you won't.

- So my advice is to drink in moderation. Drink to the point where you are still under the legal driving limit. That is maybe one, two or three drinks over a few hours. This is risky, but my sense is if you can legally drive, then you haven't consumed to much, so keep under the limit.

- Furthermore never have alcoholic beverages two days in a row. I have heard from different media releases that this is a significant influence that leads to alcohol induced pancreatitis. It makes sense though. Alcohol is a poison and if you make the wrong choice in drinking, your body needs to recover. So the next day on its recovery day, by drinking again you are just doing more damage.

- Check out what alcohol is easiest on your insides. Some studies have suggest alcohol like Gin is much easier for you. But I am unsure, so do some research on the topic.

Like I said, these are my basic tips. But if i had to bluntly say it, i would say to give up coffee and alcohol.

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