Monday, 17 June 2013

Coca Cola and Codeine? Are these two major new causes?

I have been emailed questions this week from readers, regarding the effect of coca cola and codeine. Have coca cola or codeine been proven to cause acute pancreatitis? The simple answer is no and yes. Coca Cola has long been attributed to Pancreatic cancer. High caffeine levels throughout coca cola can be can be a contributing factor to pancreatitis, all soft drink and fast food can. However it is important to note that narrowly linking coca cola as the main cause isn't proven yet.

After rare studies codeine is now proven to cause acute pancreatitis. However the case that was proven to occur was extremely rare and involved a woman who took low dose codeine. This case was one of the rarest that has been examined in relation to pancreatitis and what causes this illness. Codeine will not have an affect on the majority of the population, however in a rare case it was the sole contributing factor to a bout of acute pancreatitis

So as long as you are not solely drinking coca cola, I doubt it is going to cause pancreatitis if drunk moderately. However if you are drinking large quantities of coca cola then you are running the risk due to high caffeine levels, however it also has other health consequences which you should research. As for codeine, it is unlikely that this will effect you and directly lead to pancreatitis. However it must be noted that in this rare case it did, so it can't be ruled out completely and more research on the effect of codeine is being conducted.

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