Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Coffee Doesn't effect me it seems? Short blacks or flat whites?

So i haven't had another relapse of acute pancreatitis since i have considerably cut down and removed binge drinking and eating fatty foods. But i have been consuming substantial amounts of coffee per day, i usually have three cups of coffee.

I start with a flat white in the morning. And then i have a flat white around lunch time. But after lunch in the late afternoon i have a short black which helps give me energy and alertness for exercise. I usually just do a 3-4 KM walk on the treadmill each day.

I feel the exercise has been a major contributor to not having a relapse of acute pancreatitis yet. But i do know i have a lot more work to do. I usually sweat a little bit while walking 3-4 km's which mentally helps me as it is toxins leaving the body. But i am moving away from the point of this post and it is that coffee doesn't seem to effect my pancreatitis at this stage. But like i continue to emphasize i am not a medical professional and this is just my experience. So seek medical and professional help if needed.

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