Thursday, 13 June 2013

Drinking Alcohol Moderately After Acute Pancreatitis and Drinking after Chronic

I get asked a lot can I drink again. The short answer is no. That is what the doctors will tell you and that is the worse possible scenario. Many people are stubborn and continue to drink and if you are going to continue to drink then you must follow some important steps.

Drink very lightly, don't even drink to a moderate stage. I am talking 1 or 2 drinks maximum. If you are going to have three drinks then make that your absolute last. If you have alcohol induced pancreatitis than you are sensitive to alcohol so you should feel the effects early anyhow. So there is no reason to drink a lot at all. If you have acute pancreatitis I wouldn't drink again and that is the same with the more important chronic pancreatitis. Essentially these illnesses mean don't drink anymore and I advise this even further. I do have a few important steps below for those stubborn sufferers who continue to drink even after being diagnosed with this illness.

- Don't drink more than 2-3 drinks. Make sure you are sober enough to be under the legal driving limit.

- Avoid heavy alcohol drinks. Drink light drinks.

- Never drink two days in a row allow your body time to recover.

- Always drink a lot of water.

Last and most important point is not to drink. But if you do drink please follow the four steps above.

Good luck!

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