Saturday, 29 June 2013

How do you know if you have it? After a big weekend socializing?

It is important to understand if you need to seek medical attention straight away. During my first bout of acute pancreatitis it was something i had never felt before. The next day when symptoms started i was sick and it felt about four or fives time more painful then a normal bad stomach.

I was sitting at a restaurant with my family and the food smelt good but it made me sick. I couldn't even think about consuming food. My body was just telling me there is no chance any food is going to be consumed today. I couldn't even consume coffee. Truthfully i didn't even feel like consuming water. That is when i realised something just isn't right. I had no idea what i had, i assumed it was a bad stomach bug that was going around.

If you are wondering whether you have it or asking yourself how do you know if you have it? Your stomach and under your ribs will be extremely painful. You will not feel like eating anything at all. It is important to seek medical and professional help straight away. With the pancreas you can't just wait it out as it can prove fatal. So my best advice for you is to book your self in to your local GP and go for a visit as soon as you can.

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