Friday, 14 June 2013

How long after pancreatitis can you drink?

The simple answer is never. You can't drink again. That is the advice all sensible medical professionals will give you. If you want to continue to drink which is a stubborn thing to do but I assume a very common approach then drink minimal or moderate amounts.

Now for up to 6 months after an acute pancreatitis attack the pancreas can recover through good diet, exercise and good maintenance. From what I have been reading after 6 months not much recovery goes on it is just maintenance. So after you have been sick stick to water for six months and stick to vegetables and fruit and light meals. After 6 months then I guess your pancreas will be mostly recovered.

Each case is different. Everyone has different influences and effected from different drinks and food they consume. That is what makes us all unique. But if you are going to continue to drink minimal amounts of alcohol after, then at least wait six months. If you want to but can't, try find help as you may have alcohol dependence.

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