Thursday, 13 June 2013

How long can you live without your Pancreas? Life expectancy after pancreas removal?

Most pancreatitis sufferers constantly fear a worsening condition of chronic pancreatitis which could eventually lead to requiring the removal of part or all of your pancreas. Now as normal doctors will give you the worst case scenario. After your pancreas has been removed you will have to take enzymes before all your meals.

Many complications can arise but just by searching across the internet a lot of people live for decades and in some cases live a full normal life after pancreas removal surgery. Obviously you need to get a lot of different opinions on this, but it seems that many people live long without a pancreas although life styles changes are substantial. You will have to rest a lot more and take very good care of your self but if you can do this then the future looks bright.

Pancreas removal surgery is mostly for those with chronic pancreatitis. When chronic pancreatitis sufferers have a condition that doesn't improve and constantly worsens often you will be advised to have part or in rare cases all of the pancreas removed.

Another great bit of information is that research and medicine is improving year by year. And artificial pancreas's are being experimented with so hopefully that is not to far away.

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