Sunday, 23 June 2013

How Long Is The Healing Time? Will It Fully Heal?

A common question asked is how long is the healing time. Will it fully heal? And how long can your pancreas heal for after an acute attack? Often it is assumed it can't heal, that is often the case for those with chronic conditions. However if your attack is acute, especially alcohol induced, then you have a window of 6 months recovery. And during that time period it is very important to treat your body like a temple.

After an acute attack the healing process begins and lasts for six months. After six months no more healing occurs however it is important to continue to look after yourself. If your condition is alcohol induced it is important to stay away from alcohol. During my six month recovery period I drank large amounts of water and occasionally apple and fresh carrot juice as these are known to help cleanse your body and pancreas from toxins.

So before you hear the worst possible news or advice. It is important to know if you have a mild acute condition often substantial healing can occur in the six months after the incident. So stay healthy, drink a lot of water, stay hydrated and look after yourself. Ask your doctor or medical professional for specific advice on the healing potential of the pancreas in relation to your condition. I am simply a one time acute pancreatitis sufferer, so please ask for advice from medical professionals.

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