Sunday, 23 June 2013

How Much Will It Cost and When Will It Be Ready?

Not a lot of information is available on the progress or release dates of the artificial pancreas. Some important questions are what will it cost and when will it be ready and released for the public? Patients with problematic pancreas conditions are asking these questions frequently often because a quick fix is needed and hopefully can occur soon.

The artificial pancreas is progressing however detailed research which is showing success has only recently been completed so I am guessing we are still a long way away from this being released to the public. However I am not in the know, but I am trying to help and have researched this topic for over 15 hours this week. So far it is only focusing on helping those people with diabetes however it should only be a matter of time until it helps other people who have pancreas problems.

It seems like a natural evolution for an artificial pancreas to then be used to treat patients with pancreatic cancer or chronic pancreatitis. However as I mentioned before I am not a professional and often my posts are more wishful thinking. I do perform a lot of research during the week on these subjects. Hopefully when this is released to the public it is at a reasonable cost or private health care companies can at least cover a majority of the costs for patients. I wish you the best health possible, continue to look after your self the best you can.

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