Monday, 24 June 2013

How to get travel insurance? What you need to know.

Pancreatitis is a pre-existing condition when travelling and travel insurance companies will often not cover any recurring bouts of pancreatitis. That is speaking generally of most travel insurance companies. However i am noticing that specific travel insurance companies can cover those who have previously had pancreatitis. The cost of insurance is much more but it is definetely worth paying. When travelling, often diets change substantially which will also put you at a greater risk of developing another bout of the illness.

If you have had the condition in the past then most people don't travel again. But if you do decide to travel again then their are a few travel insurance companies that will cover you. They will request however that you don't consume alcohol or caffeine drinks and don't consume fast, fatty food when you travel. This is very hard to monitor but they advise this.

When travelling you will need travel insurance regardless of whether you think you will get sick or not. In the case you do get sick the cost for such professional medical services in countries overseas can cost over ten thousand dollars a night.

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