Friday, 14 June 2013

If you continue to drink after pancreatitis stay away from Red Wine.

So as in all my posts let me go over the facts again that you should stop drinking completely. If however you feel stubborn like me sometimes and have one alcoholic drink (which I do once or twice a year), then stay away from red wine. For me Red wine makes me feel bloated after I drink it. I have been doing some research and it seems a lot of pancreatitis sufferers who continue to drink have felt the same. So in short don't drink at all, but if you are stubborn and drink one or two on special occasions then stay away from the red wine and stay away from more potent alcoholic drinks. If you consume drinks with a high percentage of alcohol then you are asking for trouble.

After consuming a very small amount of red wine I feel bloated and it doesn't go well. That is my personal experience and won't be the same for everyone. Remember to stop drinking completely and to eat a low fat diet. And also remember to see a doctor or medical professional as this site only has my personal experiences and views and I am not a qualified medical professional.

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