Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Is Smoking Marijuana Dangerous? How Marijuana effects you?

Many people think smoking marijuana is fine on your pancreas, after pancreatitis. While consuming alcohol is  terrible on this important organ, smoking nicotine and marijuana is essentially the second biggest contributing factor that causes pancreatitis. Marijuana when smoked has grave effects on your pancreas. Smoking nicotine or marijuana essentially is polluting your body with toxins which puts further strain on the pancreas.

The toxins are hard to process on the pancreas and can lead to further pancreas troubles. Admittedly medical research is proving smoking marijuana or nicotine is not as punishing as consuming large amounts of alcohol. You still should stay away from nicotine and marijuana. Don't smoke at all if you are worried about the health of your pancreas. And if you don't want another case of pancreatitis, simply stay away from smoking anything.

It is best to be on the safe side. While you may get away with occasional smoking, my motto is why take the risk? Once again i am not a medical professional so seek medical advice. But stay away from smoking any form of nicotine or marijuana. I wish you the best of luck and good health.

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