Friday, 14 June 2013

Lean Meat or Red Meat, what is worse for the pancreas?

Red meat is extremely tough on the digestive system and pancreas to digest and break down. Minimize your consumption of red meat. Yes it does have a lot of other benefits. But if you have had pancreatitis or continue to have pancreatitis then it is definitely something you should minimize or remove completely from your diet.

Lean meat is much easier on the digestive system and the pancreas but it still can be harsh if you are overcoming or trying to get through bouts of acute and chronic pancreatitis. My best advice would be to consume salmon and tuna and lot of seafoods which are much easier on the pancreas to process. After I consume seafood I feel fine and there is a host of other benefits without most of the major problems that red meat has on the digestive system.

When I mix up my diet from vegetables, fruit and a lot of water to treat myself. I rather have salmon and tuna which is much easier to process than big meals of t bone or scotch fillet steak. Once again I will emphasize that everyone is different but this has been my experience up to now as a previous sufferer of acute pancreatitis.

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