Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Red Bull, Mother and V Energy Drinks, Can Energy Drinks Cause Harm?

A lot of people drink coffee but over the past decade energy drinks such as Red Bull, V and mother are increasingly popular. It is interesting to look at whether energy drinks cause acute pancreatitis or can worsen a condition towards chronic pancreatitis. Energy drinks such as 'Mother', 'V Energy Drink', 'Red Bull',  contain very high levels of caffeine and high levels of sugar, leading to a substantial energy boost. Most energy drinks advise not to drink more than two a day otherwise it could lead to serious health implications so lets have a look at the effect it has on the pancreas and whether energy drinks can lead to pancreatitis.

After a few hours of research looking at medical findings and studies it seems that people who consume a minimum of 2-3 soft drinks a week which also include energy drinks, have a higher chance of developing pancreatic cancer and most likely pancreatitis. The sugar and caffeine levels are so substantial in energy drinks that they are often two to three times more than that in soft drinks, so essentially caffeine does cause pancreatitis. Therefore we can assume that energy drinks can cause pancreatitis. My advice is to drink them in moderate amounts if you do consume energy drinks, however it is best to just stop drinking them all together. Once again i emphasize to remember i am not a medical professional i am simply a one time acute pancreatitis sufferer. The high levels of caffeine in energy drinks such as Red Bull, V and Mother, can possibly lead to pancreatitis, so be aware of this. Good luck with your health!

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