Monday, 17 June 2013

Stay Away From Vodka and Tequila

While its obvious to stay away from all alcohol when you have such a condition i am alarmingly reading over a lot of similar posts from pancreatitis sufferers on the internet. The consumption of Vodka is linked to a lot of bouts of acute. It seems quite common that after a large binge on a single day consuming vodka, many people have become sick with the acute condition.
Vodka is one of the most potent forms of alcohol available to consume. This is a heavy spirit which is easy to consume due to its tasteless flavour. The spirit is not bitter which is also another reason why it is popular throughout society. It is something to stay away from if you want to look after your pancreas and avoid ever getting pancreatitis. You should stay away from all alcohol as we mention frequently on this blog however my most important advice for those who haven't been affected by pancreatitis, is to give spirits a miss completely.
Some of my friends stick to beer and wine. I am not saying drinking is good, you deinetely shouldn't drink if you have had pancreatitis or haven't had it. But if you are going to drink then give heavy spirits a miss, such as vodka.

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