Monday, 24 June 2013

The Curse of Never Being Able To Drink Again.

I have noticed the most popular searches are can you ever drink again after a bout of pancreatitis. And how much can you drink again if you decide to drink again? Well the answer is you can't and it can prove fatal. If you do make the decision to drink again i would stick with between one to three drinks maximum. But its not worth the risk.

The hardest thing to achieve is mindset over alcohol. You need to view things as if you can still have a great time and be funny with your friends. Socializing can be very fun without alcohol or recreational drugs, so adopt a positive mindset. Say some jokes with friends and get deep into conversation and you will forget about not drinking and being no fun.

Furthermore if you have had alcohol induced pancreatitis i notice a lot of people are still able to drink caffeine drinks without any side effects after. So why not have a couple of coffees which will give you energy during your time out. But this is just my opinion. My acute pancreatitis was alcohol induced and now i am not able to drink alcohol again, but i am able to drink coffee i currently have two or three cups a day and i feel great. I have around four to five litres of water per day aswell. As i say in every post everybody is different, so seek professional advice.

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