Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Impact of Chocolate and Ice Cream

Chocolate and Ice Cream are loved by the entire population. It is one of the best sweets for those with a sweet tooth. Now the question that is being asked through email is can you eat these after pancreatitis attacks? Well if you have recovered fully (over 6 months good recovery) then there is a remote chance.

My pancreatitis was alcohol induced so it isn't impacted by any foods i eat, therefore i do consume chocolate and ice cream and feel fine afterwards. I also feel good after coffee so it is obvious my alcohol induced pancreatitis, is only caused by consuming alcohol, which i stay away from.

If you have non-alcohol induced acute or chronic pancreatitis then it is increasingly likely that you shouldn't consume any chocolate or ice cream. My best advice is to see a medical professional to get some good advice on the subject. Once again this is just my opinion, but you should definetely stay away from chocolate and ice cream, due to high caffeine, fat and sugar levels which can be detrimental for your health.

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