Saturday, 29 June 2013

The New Era Of Alcohol and Casual Drug Use Leading to Rising Levels

The increase in alcohol and drug consumption by the youth of modern society is a big reason on why instances of alcohol induced pancreatitis are rising at alarming levels in countries such as the USA, UK and Australia. Society is changing and the attitudes to drinking and casual drug use are always changing. After speaking to some relatives over twenty years my age I can explain in my view the changing attitudes of the youths of society. In the past around twenty to thirty years ago the youth of society would go out and consume alcohol for the point of enjoyment and that usually consisted of two or three drinks a day. Currently those attitudes have changed and the youth of society go out and get substantially drunk which is leading to major health implications. It is also having effects on all forms of society and they are predominantly negative. I feel the answer is education and increased funding to get the message across that a good time can be achieved through no alcohol consumption or recreational drug use. We need to be informing the youth of current societies about the implications on their health.

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