Monday, 23 September 2013

Amphetamines and LSD , Two more major causes of Pancreatitis!

Amphetamines and LSD are two more causes of acute and chronic pancreatitis. Amphetamines and LSD are two illegal drugs which are often taken recreationally and they can also become addictive. Taking this drug is highly illegal and can lead to prison time or a fine, however the main thing is to get clean. If you are only taking this recreationally then stop. If you are addicted then seek help. I will go over why LSD and Amphetamines cause acute and chronic pancreatitis and why they cause inflammation to the pancreas.

All illicit drugs contain toxins which are extremely damaging and hard for the pancreas to break down. This can often lead to damage which can't be repaired. Amphetamines and LSD are similar to cocaine and ecstasy, as they are normally only taken recreationally by a majority of drug users. However only taking this once can cause pancreatitis. This can be extremely damaging to the pancreas and other organs leading to pancreatitis and other complications which can prove fatal.

Please seek medical and professional help if you are taking LSD or Amphetamines and keep in mind these can very easily cause pancreatitis, in either acute or chronic forms, often chronic is caused by prolonged use. We have banners for an online relief kit. The online relief kit is helpful and it is a good idea to do research on other major sites as well. Remember if you are feeling bad as you read this and think you might have acute or chronic pancreatitis then go see your local medical professional right away or go to your local hospital. I wish you the best of health and hope you feel better.

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