Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Can Steroids Cause Pancreatitis? Steroids And Pancreas Problems.

Steroids can cause pancreatitis and they are also known to damage other organs. Worryingly there is a major steroid culture amongst youths in western countries. This can lead to a series of long term health effects. The pancreas is known to be significantly damaged from steroids often leading to pancreatitis and I will explain how this occurs. This post aims to serve an informative process so you can better look after your body and continue to improve your health. Remember I have had acute pancreatitis in the past and although it was not caused by this blog topic, I do a lot of research on all subjects and causes so i can help readers on this site with their constant battles. 

Oral steroids are well known to cause pancreatitis amongst body builders and regular gym attendees. While I don’t condone taking steroids, it is important to point out the difference between oral steroids and injectable steroids. Oral steroids are processed by the pancreas and can often cause damage and inflammation leading to acute pancreatitis. Injectable steroids from the research I have undertaken over the past two hours aren’t known to damage the pancreas. However i maintain that new studies are constantly being released on this subject so read up further on it. Oral and injectable steroids could both lead to pancreatitis. So there is a direct link between steroids causing pancreatitis, usually the occurrences are acute, however constant use could lead to the development of a chronic condition. 

So the result of this post is another prohibited drug known as steroids does cause pancreatitis. Once again i encourage you to stop taking this if you are consuming this prohibited substance. If you are not continue to research the subject so you are aware of the potential dangers. Remember the pancreas is one of the most important organs in the human body. So look after your health and think about your future. My regime is eat healthy, stay physically fit and mentally positive. Continue to research the many different subjects we cover on this site. We cover many great subjects about causes of pancreas damage and how you can avoid future problems.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Lipase Levels With Pancreatitis. How High Will Lipase Levels Be?

Lipase tests are used to determine whether you have problems in the pancreas. Lipase tests determine enzyme levels and high lipase levels are usually present when the pancreas has been damaged and tubes leading to the intestine have been blocked. Lipase levels are the main indicator to diagnose acute pancreatitis.

This is usually once again determined through a blood test and as mentioned before on this site, blood tests are usually performed as soon as you see a medical professional who suspects you have pancreatitis. When I was in hospital I received the results of my blood test back within three hours.

Pancreatitis can be extremely dangerous and can even be fatal in certain circumstances. So it is important to see your local doctor as soon as possible or you could go to a local hospital. It is best to see a medical specialist first. Don’t be stubborn and wait at home thinking your symptoms will go away. It is very important to get help early if you have pancreatitis and this is what I did. I have had acute pancreatitis once and am doing everything possible to hopefully never have the condition again. Everyone is different so the more research you do on these subjects the better you will be and more prepared to look after your health. I wish you the best of health and remember to read through this site to get more valuable information.

Also check out the great online relief kit we link to. There has been a very high success rate for customers and we have been getting some great customer feedback.

Blood Tests For Pancreatitis. Will Blood Tests Diagnose You.

Blood tests are usually performed instantly if you are suspected of having pancreatitis. When I was in hospital with acute pancreatitis it was unknown what condition I had. I was dehydrated and had a lot of pain around the abdomen. Doctors were not sure either so the first thing I had done was a blood test. After three hours the blood tests showed high levels of glucose and lipase which were common with pancreatitis.

So as soon as that occurred I was put on a drip and given clear liquids for three days. No food was allowed as the pancreas needed to recover. I was hungry sure, but I was still in a lot of pain so I understood this was necessary for my health to improve. Furthermore without a blood test it would have been difficult to diagnose what I had wrong with me. So it is very important to get a blood test if you suspect you have pancreatitis, however the medical professional you see will know this.

If you have trouble getting blood taken or are scared of needles like me ask to sit on a lower chair with a cushion. Make sure you drink a lot of water before you have your blood test taken as this makes it easier on your body. Also remember blood tests are only a very small percentage of blood taken from your body. Hopefully you start feeling better sooner. Good luck with your blood test. Make sure to read more posts from this site about what causes pancreatitis and what you need to do to look after your pancreas.

Low Fat Dog Food To Beat Pancreatitis. What Should You Feed Your Dog

Pancreatitis in dogs is extremely similar to the illness in humans and similarly you will need to feed your dog low fat food. We previously had to feed my dog boiled chicken and this was a minimal amount. We were informed that my dog couldn’t have big meals and the meals had to be low fat. Another important bit of information is to realise often dog food is high in fat, so often VET’s will advise you to stay away from feeding your dog this during the recovery process.

As usual Vets will give different information in relation to how serious your dogs condition is. My dogs condition was rather minor however we had to make sure that no fat food was consumed and that our dog always had water to drink. Similar to humans it is important that dogs stay hydrated so the health of their pancreas can improve. This is also similar in cats, so it is important to read up further on the subject.

Once again I will emphasize that I am trying to provide helpful information. I usually spend a few hours researching and completing each post. It is interesting how similar pancreatitis is in humans, dogs and cats. As always if you have any concerns go see your local doctor as soon as possible or take your pet to the local vet. Medical professionals know these subjects the best. Make sure you read the rest of my posts on this site to go through all interesting pancreatitis information, including more on diet, fitness and hydration.

Feline Pancreatitis Treatment. What You Can Do To Help Your Cat

This site is mainly dedicated to pancreatitis in humans however I am now going to write a post about pancreatitis in cats. Pancreatitis in cats is extremely common and it can be frustrating to see your loved pet in so much pain. This post will tell you what to do in the event that you suspect your cat has developed this illness.

The first thing to do is take your cat to the vet and they will determine what illness your cat has. From then if your cat does in fact have pancreatitis you will need to follow their medical directions. Often you will need to feed your cat food that is no fat and easy on the feline body. Your cat may also be provided with pain relief however this differs for each scenario.

Similar to pancreatitis in humans, pancreatitis in felines, also known as cats can be extremely dangerous and needs to be treated quickly. This illness is much more common in dogs however it is also common that cats can be affected as well. A good idea is to also have pet insurance because my previous pet was very expensive to look after, late night vet visits can cost in the thousands of dollars. That wasn’t a problem, no matter how much money it took I was going to make sure my pet was okay, however I regret not having pet insurance and now I do for all my pets. So if you suspect your cat has pancreatitis then please go get your cat checked at a Vet. I wish your cat the best of health.

Pancreatitis Glucose Levels? How High Will Glucose Levels Be?

You will have high glucose levels if you have pancreatitis and the worse the condition the higher your glucose level will be. Glucose values are used to determine how serious your bout of acute pancreatitis is. I can go into detail about how this glucose value system works, however we would be going into a lot of medical literature and it will be difficult to understand and for me to write about. Glucose levels are determined through a blood test which is usually performed as soon as you are admitted to your local hospital or as soon as you visit your local medical professional.

When I was in hospital with acute pancreatitis blood tests were taken right away and I had the results back within three hours. As soon as the results came back they said you have acute pancreatitis and I was put on a drip for three days and only allowed to consume clear liquids. I am very happy that I went to hospital as soon as I felt ill because knowing how stubborn I can be, I could have easily sat at home for a couple more days and that could have led to serious health complications.

With this illness it is so important to receive medical care right away otherwise complications can develop and they can prove fatal. The pancreas is such an important organ in your body that you really need to look after yourself and seek help as soon as you can. Make sure you read throughout this site as we go through a list of subjects about causes, including, food, diet and alcohol consumption.

Do Diabetes Drugs Cause Pancreatitis? Is Diabetes Now A Trigger?

I decided to make a post about this because a recent study in the United States of America showed some worrying figures, that people who have taken diabetes drugs are at double the risk of eventually developing acute pancreatitis. New sugar control medications that are prescribed for patients are leading to a rising rate of acute pancreatitis.

Drugs such as Januvia and Byetta have been known to cause lesions on the pancreas and further cause inflammation of the pancreas. When these drugs were tested on animals the side effect listed was potential pancreatitis. So worryingly it is official that diabetes drugs can now cause pancreatitis. What is important is that you talk to your doctor about drugs you are taking or that you are prescribed to take in the future.

Since these findings are new make sure your doctor or local medical professional has an understanding about these studies. More information is still coming out however the risk is there so it should try to be avoided. Diabetes is so common that your medical professional should be able to go through all the symptoms with you and potential side effects. I wish you the best of luck with your diabetes and read through the rest of this site as you will find this information useful. I have several friends with different types of diabetes and It has been worrying for them thinking about their future with this illness. I do think mental strength is an important factor as well so stay positive and seek the best medical help you have available.

Can And Does Sugar Cause Pancreatitis? Sugar Intake As A Trigger Factor.

Each week an email is sent to me asking can and does sugar cause pancreatitis. The short answer is yes, sugar has been known to be a trigger for pancreatitis. Each person is unique and has different triggers for pancreatitis. Some people will consume sugar and be fine, others will consume sugar and be sick right away. The important thing to do is know what affects you and what works for you.

Apart from sugar being a trigger, another complication of pancreatitis is abnormal blood sugar levels. That complication is some thing to worry about once you have the illness. But if you are trying to prevent ever getting the illness then stay away from sugar. Sugar high foods and drinks such as soft drink and candy can be major trigger factors. Recent studies have indicated that sugar intake is a common cause, similar to the trigger of fatty foods.

If you have already had a pancreatitis bout and didn’t have a high intake of sugar then it is possible that sugar is not a trigger for you. As mentioned previously each person is different. Some people develop the illness from alcohol intake. Others develop it because of genetics and others are just unlucky to have had a trauma that has caused the illness. As i have mentioned before the more research you do on these subjects the better for your long term health. The pancreas is a vital organ and you need to do everything possible to make sure it remains healthy.

If you are worried about sugar possibly causing you this illness or causing a re-occurrence of the illness then cut down on your sugar. Avoid soft drinks, candy and other high sugar foods to be safe. I wish you the best of health. I hope you enjoy many of the other great topics we go through on this site.