Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Blood Tests For Pancreatitis. Will Blood Tests Diagnose You.

Blood tests are usually performed instantly if you are suspected of having pancreatitis. When I was in hospital with acute pancreatitis it was unknown what condition I had. I was dehydrated and had a lot of pain around the abdomen. Doctors were not sure either so the first thing I had done was a blood test. After three hours the blood tests showed high levels of glucose and lipase which were common with pancreatitis.

So as soon as that occurred I was put on a drip and given clear liquids for three days. No food was allowed as the pancreas needed to recover. I was hungry sure, but I was still in a lot of pain so I understood this was necessary for my health to improve. Furthermore without a blood test it would have been difficult to diagnose what I had wrong with me. So it is very important to get a blood test if you suspect you have pancreatitis, however the medical professional you see will know this.

If you have trouble getting blood taken or are scared of needles like me ask to sit on a lower chair with a cushion. Make sure you drink a lot of water before you have your blood test taken as this makes it easier on your body. Also remember blood tests are only a very small percentage of blood taken from your body. Hopefully you start feeling better sooner. Good luck with your blood test. Make sure to read more posts from this site about what causes pancreatitis and what you need to do to look after your pancreas.

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