Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Can And Does Sugar Cause Pancreatitis? Sugar Intake As A Trigger Factor.

Each week an email is sent to me asking can and does sugar cause pancreatitis. The short answer is yes, sugar has been known to be a trigger for pancreatitis. Each person is unique and has different triggers for pancreatitis. Some people will consume sugar and be fine, others will consume sugar and be sick right away. The important thing to do is know what affects you and what works for you.

Apart from sugar being a trigger, another complication of pancreatitis is abnormal blood sugar levels. That complication is some thing to worry about once you have the illness. But if you are trying to prevent ever getting the illness then stay away from sugar. Sugar high foods and drinks such as soft drink and candy can be major trigger factors. Recent studies have indicated that sugar intake is a common cause, similar to the trigger of fatty foods.

If you have already had a pancreatitis bout and didn’t have a high intake of sugar then it is possible that sugar is not a trigger for you. As mentioned previously each person is different. Some people develop the illness from alcohol intake. Others develop it because of genetics and others are just unlucky to have had a trauma that has caused the illness. As i have mentioned before the more research you do on these subjects the better for your long term health. The pancreas is a vital organ and you need to do everything possible to make sure it remains healthy.

If you are worried about sugar possibly causing you this illness or causing a re-occurrence of the illness then cut down on your sugar. Avoid soft drinks, candy and other high sugar foods to be safe. I wish you the best of health. I hope you enjoy many of the other great topics we go through on this site.

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