Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Low Fat Dog Food To Beat Pancreatitis. What Should You Feed Your Dog

Pancreatitis in dogs is extremely similar to the illness in humans and similarly you will need to feed your dog low fat food. We previously had to feed my dog boiled chicken and this was a minimal amount. We were informed that my dog couldn’t have big meals and the meals had to be low fat. Another important bit of information is to realise often dog food is high in fat, so often VET’s will advise you to stay away from feeding your dog this during the recovery process.

As usual Vets will give different information in relation to how serious your dogs condition is. My dogs condition was rather minor however we had to make sure that no fat food was consumed and that our dog always had water to drink. Similar to humans it is important that dogs stay hydrated so the health of their pancreas can improve. This is also similar in cats, so it is important to read up further on the subject.

Once again I will emphasize that I am trying to provide helpful information. I usually spend a few hours researching and completing each post. It is interesting how similar pancreatitis is in humans, dogs and cats. As always if you have any concerns go see your local doctor as soon as possible or take your pet to the local vet. Medical professionals know these subjects the best. Make sure you read the rest of my posts on this site to go through all interesting pancreatitis information, including more on diet, fitness and hydration.

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