Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pancreatitis Glucose Levels? How High Will Glucose Levels Be?

You will have high glucose levels if you have pancreatitis and the worse the condition the higher your glucose level will be. Glucose values are used to determine how serious your bout of acute pancreatitis is. I can go into detail about how this glucose value system works, however we would be going into a lot of medical literature and it will be difficult to understand and for me to write about. Glucose levels are determined through a blood test which is usually performed as soon as you are admitted to your local hospital or as soon as you visit your local medical professional.

When I was in hospital with acute pancreatitis blood tests were taken right away and I had the results back within three hours. As soon as the results came back they said you have acute pancreatitis and I was put on a drip for three days and only allowed to consume clear liquids. I am very happy that I went to hospital as soon as I felt ill because knowing how stubborn I can be, I could have easily sat at home for a couple more days and that could have led to serious health complications.

With this illness it is so important to receive medical care right away otherwise complications can develop and they can prove fatal. The pancreas is such an important organ in your body that you really need to look after yourself and seek help as soon as you can. Make sure you read throughout this site as we go through a list of subjects about causes, including, food, diet and alcohol consumption.

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