Friday, 20 December 2013

Does pancreatitis make you fart? Extra Gas Can Be Caused By A Damaged Pancreas.

I have had acute pancreatitis as i have informed you before on this site. After this occurred i noticed I have been farting a lot more. I have a lot more gas at different times of the month. It usually occurs after i eat an unhealthy meal or drink something i shouldn’t have, like a coca cola, however it is still a lot worse then before I had pancreatitis.

It isn’t something that i get all the time, however i do notice it now. Often my office is quiet and my stomach will rumble loudly. I can control it but i have a lot of gas at times. Often i need to go out of the office and burp or use the bathroom more than usual and this usually occurs a couple of times a month. For this post I haven’t done any specific research, however I am letting you know judged on my experiences. 

I do get bloated a lot more now and if i eat to much i feel full for a lot longer. If i drink to much water I also get the same bloated feeling so while it is important to continue eating, make sure your meals aren’t to big or they aren’t going to cause you to get increased gas. It is something I need to manage now. Farting is definetely a symptom of having or after having pancreatitis. 

It isn’t just the farting or extra gas I notice, my stomach rumblings happen much more frequently and are much louder than before I was sick. While my condition was only acute (still very serious), I imagine extra gas is even worse for those suffering from chronic pancreatitis. 

When my stomach rumbles or when I have extra gas i like to buy and drink soda water. Soda water helps settle my stomach down. This does work well and I advise you to do the same if you are like me and you are in a quiet office with a loud rumbling stomach. Once again i will remind you I am not a medical professional, I am simply am another sufferer of pancreatitis. So if you have any further questions, concerns or queries then please go see a pancreas specialist. Your health is so important so it is best to get checked as a precaution and get advice early. So the year is about to come to an end and I will be providing a lot more content in the coming year, which will help you guys out. I wish all my fellow pancreatitis sufferers and everyone in general a great new years break and holiday. I wish you great health. Remember to join our email subscription system if you like, we don’t send you content often, however every month or two we will send you some really useful information.  

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