Thursday, 30 January 2014

How HRT Can Cause Pancreatitis. Hormone Replacement Therapy and The Pancreas.

This post will go over how HRT also known as hormone replacement therapy can affect the pancreas and potentially lead to pancreatitis. There have been reports since the 1950’s that hormone replacement therapy is a cause of drug induced pancreatitis and this post will go over this information in detail. The link between sex hormones and acute pancreatitis is common, however the distinction between this and a chronic pancreas condition is much less likely. 

Post menopausal therapy amongst women such as consuming estrogen is known to increase the risk of acute pancreatitis. After researching this over the past hour the chances of women developing this condition as a result of hormone replacement therapy are around 1.5 times that of a women who hasn’t had such therapy. These chances are alarming however a lot of doctors and other medical professionals will warn you about this before you begin the process of HRT. 

If you have had a pancreas problem before you will most likely be advised not to have hormone replacement therapy or the medical professional will propose a different plan of treatment. This is most important for chronic condition sufferers since all substances and prescribed medication needs to be considered. The more research performed on what you can or can’t consume will help you look after your health overall. 

If you don’t think your medical professional understands your condition well enough you can get a referral to go to a specific specialist in relation to the pancreas. This is expensive however it could prove valuable and as I always say your health is your greatest assett. Remember to subscribe to our email report system, as we send our information every couple of months which can prove beneficial to your daily lives. Also you can use the service to ask more questions and we can write a post on the topic or subject. I hope this post has helped you and as always please check the other great subjects and topics of this site. I have been eating healthy so far in 2014 with lean meats, vegetables and around three litres of water a day and I haven’t had any recurring bouts of pancreatitis so far.

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