Friday, 28 February 2014

Can Mcdonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King Or Taco Bell Cause Pancreatitis?

This is a common topic, we look at the relationship between fast food restaurants which are massive across the world and how they can damage the pancreas and potentially cause pancreatitis. I must outline from the start that their is no direct link between these foods and pancreatitis, however I will go over the reasons why the contents of their meals could potentially lead to some pancreas problems over time.

I must also emphasize from the start that you can eat healthy at these fast food chains and this won’t lead to pancreatitis. For example when i go to mcdonalds i get a health wrap and a bottle of water. If i go to Subway i can order nearly anything and not get sick from these meals as they are healthy and low in fat. The same can be done at the other fast food chains I will mention, so the problem isn’t these restaurants themselves, it is actually the consumers as these restaurants have gone to significant measures to serve healthy food over the past decade and the menus are constantly updating.

When you eat the high fat meals at fast food restaurants such as mcdonalds, wendys, burger king or taco bell well there is a chance this can lead to pancreatitis. This can happen when eating any fast food and the customer knows this. These companies make customers aware of what exactly they are eating. Drinking at starbucks or eating at subway is less likely to cause pancreatitis as there is a lot of healthy options. But once again it comes down to the individual, due to every human body being different. I have friends and family who have developed pancreatitis by eating something that has been cooked in the oven at home such as pork. So we can’t solely blame fast food companies for any problems that the food cause because the customers are made aware of what exactly they are consuming before they go in and purchase meals.

Dunkin Donuts, KFC, Pizza Hut and KFC can also cause pancreas problems and potentially pancreatitis. Once again this comes down to the individual. All meals are now served with product information such as calorie intake, fat levels and sugars. If you eat at these restaurants then eat healthy. I have noticed over the past decade that all of these restaurants we have talked about in this post provide healthy options. Even Dominos Pizza and Jack in the Box are now selling salads, so by eating this you’re not going to get sick.

On a personal note since i developed acute pancreatitis several years ago, I have eaten fast food occasionally. However you must know what works for you and what affects your pancreas in a damaging way. Instead of ordering full meals now, I simply order a burger, a water and no fried chips. But this is different for everyone. What I have learnt since having acute pancreatitis is that you need to know what your body can take and what doesn’t work well with your pancreas. Most people who have had acute pancreatitis in the past can continue to eat these foods, however those with chronic pancreatitis need to stop eating these foods.

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