Sunday, 23 March 2014

Can Pancreatitis Cause Blood In Urine or Dark Urine?

This may not be the most pleasant post I have updated on this site, however I have received several emails regarding whether pancreatitis can cause blood in urine or a dark colored urine. I have done a few hours research on this and the conclusion is pancreatitis usually causes dark colored urine because it contains more bile than normal.

Having blood in the urine as a result of pancreatitis is not so common, however a symptom is excessive amounts of urine. You might find your urination is larger than normal or more frequent. However dark urine is mainly a symptom of chronic pancreatitis and isn’t common in acute cases. It seems as though chronic pancreatitis often causes different colored stools since it contains different levels of bile than normal, often leading to a lighter color. 

Dark colored urine can occur as a result of increased bile and this is common in people who are suffering from chronic pancreatitis. Research on this continues each week so keep doing as much research as possible and if you have any questions remember to go see your local doctor or go to a local hospital. I have mentioned many times on this site that any complications caused by pancreatitis need to be treated and identified as soon as possible as complications can worsen and prove fatal. It can also lead to a clear mind and could stop you unnecessarily worrying that you have developed the condition. 

When I suffered from acute pancreatitis I didn’t notice a change in my urine, however I did notice a big change in my stools. The color was different to normal stools and the size of the stool varied substantially. However several of my symptoms may have been forgotten due to other problems such as cold and hot spells and stomach and back pains that took up the most of my attention and this is what I remember the most. 

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