Monday, 24 March 2014

Does Pancreatitis Cause Diarrohea? My Different Experience with Diarrhea.

I was shocked when I searched through my site to see that I hadn’t covered whether pancreatitis causes Diarrohea. This is one of the most common questions sufferers have and I was embarrassed that I haven’t answered this as of yet. What I am going to say goes off my personal experience which occurred 14 months ago when i was struck down with an acute condition while on holidays with my family in New York City. Apart from being an expensive holiday to get foreign medical treatment which also caused me to not undertake in any fun activities that were planned, I did have a weird experience with Diarrhea when I had pancreatitis. 

Now a symptom of pancreatitis has been described as having foul smelling diarrhea stools. I had diarrhea but it was completely the opposite. The stools were virtually clear liquid that came out and they came out with substantial force. I was unable to hold this in for more than a minute so I wasn’t able to leave my hotel room when I was sick. My stools were clear and felt gassy which I hadn’t felt before. I described the experience as weird because in my entire life my stools hadn’t felt like that when being released. Granted, I didn’t have much food in my stomach because I was so sick I didn’t eat much for the days before. I had also confused pancreatitis and my diarrhea with a food bug which was going around New York City at the time. However my stools weren’t foul smelling at all, like what is described amongst several respected medical sites, that I have researched. I guess this shows that everyone is different and some people have different symptoms and reactions. 

On that trip apart from having constant diarrhea which was not foul smelling and which was released as clear liquid as a result of acute pancreatitis, I also consumed a lot of gatorade and water to rehydrate. I was hydrated, however I was constantly sweating from cold and hot patches, my body would be cold one minute and I would go to sleep. I would suddenly wake up sweating and would have to take all my clothes off minutes later. To counter this during my hot periods i consumed adequate amounts of fluid and my urine was minimal. I consider this to be due to my body being dehydrated due to the sweating. 

Never the less what I am trying to say is Pancreatitis did cause diarrhea in me, however it was more of a clear liquid than a foul smelling stool. This might be graphic information but it shows that everyone can have different symptoms. The best thing to do is go to your local doctor or hospital as soon as you can. The week in which I was sick with pancreatitis, suffering from constant diarrhea was the worst week I have had healthwise in my life. It was full of pain and the anxiety of knowing something was wrong, but not knowing what it was also played on my mind. 

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