Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Does Pancreatitis Make You Tired or Thirsty?

One of the more obvious topics we haven’t covered yet on this site are some simple subjects such as does pancreatitis make you tired or thirsty. I will base my answer on the week i spent in hospital with a bout of acute pancreatitis. Apart from being extremely painful i did notice some other symptoms which will help inform readers about whether you can get tired or thirsty from this illness.

During my stay in hospital i was extremely tired and this is natural, due to your body being in shock when you are suffering from pancreatitis. Throughout the entire week all I could do was sleep, or watch television from my hospital bed. At times I was thirsty however I made sure I would drink a lot of water. Water is allowed even when you have pancreatitis and it is highly recommended as it helps the pancreas flush powerful and damaging toxins from your body.

My main symptoms when I had the condition wasn’t being tired or thirsty however, it was more the pains in my stomach, ribs and back which made it obvious something was wrong. When i was in bed I would also go from being extremely cold to extremely hot within ten minutes. I would have to put jumpers and long pants on and then immediately after I would have to take my clothes off due to excessive sweating. These were all signs something was wrong that I had never had before and I made sure I went to hospital and then they found out through several blood tests that I had indeed developed the condition. 

It may be possible that you could get tired or thirsty from pancreatitis and as I always say on this site get checked as soon as possible by a local medical professional if you are worried you have developed the condition. It is always better to be safe then sorry and time is of the importance with this condition. Make sure you take advantage of our email subscription which will provide important updates and information monthly to all subscribers.

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