Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Curse Of Acid Reflux. Does Pancreatitis Cause Acid Reflux?

After having severe acute pancreatitis over one year ago I am noticing that I have a bouts of acid reflux. Especially after large meals or consuming soft drink. It got me thinking about how pancreatitis potentially caused my acid reflux and I have since studied the topic to try find the answer. Currently I take somac during bouts of acid reflux, which I can thankfully say only occur once or twice a month. Before having pancreatitis over a year ago I hadn’t had any bouts of acid reflux, however after having pancreatitis, thats when the problems started. 

When I had acute pancreatitis for over a week, I can’t remember If i noticed having acid reflux at the time. The reason is because other painful symptoms were my main focus. Pains in my back and ribs and stomach region were overwhelming and took my mind off things such as acid reflux. So during the time when I actually had pancreatitis my memory is limited, however I can say that after having these pancreas problems, I did develop acid reflux and consistent bouts which have lasted over a year so far and I expect to last a lot longer. 

After researching the subject acid reflux is one of the main symptoms of pancreatitis. I most likely had severe acid reflux during the time I was in hospital, the other pains and problems just took my mind off noticing this. So if you are having bouts of acid reflux and you have never had them before or if they are happening more regularly than it is a good choice to go see your local doctor as soon as you can. 

My description of acid reflux and what it feels like is feeling bloated or congested in the top of the chest. This happens after I consume food and I also feel a burning sensation. I was prescribed somac for my infrequent condition and I have noticed that since I have had pancreatitis, the condition has stayed around. I assume that after you have had pancreatitis a lot of people will have acid reflux for long periods of time. My father has been suffering from acid reflux for a long time and thankfully he has never had pancreatitis, so I could also genetically have inherited the condition, potentially with no link to my pancreatitis as I suspect.

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