Monday, 14 April 2014

The Scary Link Between Chronic Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer. New Study Information.

Another new study comes out sheds some bad news on the dangers of chronic pancreatitis. According to Doctor Christian Bang from the Copenhagen University in Denmark, instances of pancreatic cancer increase and are more likely to occur in people who suffer from chronic pancreatitis. The chances are still minimal, however the instances are much more common.

The study goes on to provide information about the chances of death for those people who have alcohol induced chronic pancreatitis and for those who have non-alcohol induced chronic pancreatitis. The statistics are the same for both types of chronic pancreatitis sufferers.

Other findings of the study showed that patients suffering from chronic pancreatitis have a greater chance of suffering from:

- Diseases that affect the circulation of blood to the brain.
- Lung Conditions.
- Ulcer Diseases.
- Diabetes
- Kidney Disease.

Now in comparison to the study findings which we posted about earlier in the year, this is more of a worst case scenario study. What this study shows is that the chances of this occurring are more common in those people that suffer from CP. However the chances are still relatively small. So I'm not posting this to worry you, as a fellow pancreatitis sufferer I am posting this to further inform you about new findings and risks and hopefully you can do some more research into these new findings to better look after your health.

In other news there is new findings on the relationship between Januvia and pancreatitis. I am unsure on the new findings however when they are reported I will post them. Personally over the past week I have been increasing my intake of vegetables such as carrots and broccoli and I feel great. I am consuming one glass of apple juice in the morning which also has cleansing qualities.

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