Monday, 5 May 2014

Does Pancreatitis Go Away On Its Own and Is It Worse At Night?

A couple of new questions have been emailed to me and they ask whether pancreatitis can go away on its own and whether it gets worse at night if you are in the middle of having this illness. I will answer both questions to the best of my ability and I have done a little bit of research tonight to back up my opinion. 

Pancreatitis can go away on its own but you need to see a doctor or local medical professional as soon as possible. Pancreatitis is a serious condition and if you have a complication it can prove fatal. This is unlikely but it is extremely important to see a medical professional. If you leave it unattended it may go away, but why take the risk. Pancreatitis is not a minor condition this is serious and is well known to be life threatening. 

If you have the condition it may get worse at night it depends on the individual. This is not something I want to give a clear answer to because as I mention on this site frequently everyone is different and each condition and each patient have different experiences. 

I was told by a doctor that for six months after my bout of acute pancreatitis this important organ would continue to heal so it was important to eat healthy and stay away from toxins such as alcohol or drugs, which I have never done but was important to emphasize in case any of my readers have or do this. 

So the summarize this post which I know a lot of you have been asking for at the end of each post to cut down on reading time.

- Pancreatitis can go away on its own but its so serious that professional medical attention is needed. I can only STRESS the importance enough of going to a local hospital or seeing a local medical professional right away. If you have pancreatitis call an ambulance or go to your local hospital right away.

- In some cases during the condition a patient may experience worse symptoms at night in comparison to the day. However this depends on the patient and isn’t something that I want to provide a clear answer on because everyone is different.

- For a short period after a bout of pancreatitis important recovery time occurs. During this period eat healthy and stay away from toxins.

- Once again I am simply an amateur writer who has had acute pancreatitis. I am not a medical professional and it is best to be safe and treated by a medical professional. So seek professional medical help.

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