Friday, 13 June 2014

Prednisone and Pancreatitis. The Unwanted Side Effect.

Prednisone is one of the most popular and commonly used corticosteroid medications in the world. It can be used to treat a large range of medical conditions which I will go over in further detail later in this post. Some of the side effects of this drug range from minor to major conditions and illnesses. Patients are described prednisone by medical professionals to treat and beat various symptoms. Depending on the progress of the patient or the severity of a condition, medical professionals will usually recommend a dose between 5 to 50 mg.

Prednisone can be used to treat the following:

- Severe allergies.
- Skin Disorders or Diseases.
- Bowel Conditions such as Inflammation.
- Multiple forms of Arthritis.

What Does Prednisone Actually Do?

- The main purpose patients are prescribed prednisone is that the drug has been known to alleviate swelling, pain and redness.

Is Pancreatitis a Side Effect of Prednisone?

Unfortunately Pancreatitis is a common side effect of prednisone. The side effects of this drug range from various physical and mental symptoms and conditions. Some are defined as minor and some are defined as major by medical professionals.

My research today on this subject has been various medical websites and a range of medical books which has taken me over two hours to study. If you are about to start taking prednisone or have been prescribed this drug and you have had pancreatitis before, then consult with your local medical professional. When visiting a doctor or hospital informing these medical professionals about past illnesses or conditions is imperative.

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