Monday, 18 August 2014

Can Pancreatitis Cause Stomach Problems

One of the biggest changes I have noticed after my bout of acute pancreatitis is that my stomach has changed substantially. When I am at work my stomach rumbles loudly constantly and I also constantly get reflux now, which only occurred after my bout of acute pancreatitis. Knowing your own body is important and I definitely realise that my stomach has changed after my bout of pancreatitis.

This seems common amongst other patients after having performed countless hours of research on the subject. My stomach is now vulnerable to more types of foods and drinks after getting run down with acute pancreatitis in January 2013. I have found that with dairy I feel full and sometimes sick after consumption. I also have to limit the amount of fatty foods that I consume because after eating foods high in fat, I feel unwell straight after. Usually I am in a rush to go to the toilet after consuming high fat or dairy products.

This is new to me and began occurring after January 2013. During the pancreatitis episode I had upper abdominal pains, bloating and diarrohea. However after the bout of pancreatitis, extra gas continued as well as frequent stomach cramps and constant loose stools. So stomach problems have been prevalent during my bout of acute pancreatitis and so far they have lasted around 18 months, to the current day. This post is about my personal experiences and for more information please do some research on the site by using our search bars. We have great information and please sign up to our email subscription service which posts new findings and studies in relation to pancreatitis once a month or every two months.

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