Saturday, 9 August 2014

Is Heartburn And Rapid Heartbeats Another Symptom Of Pancreatitis?

I noticed a few emails I have received from this site focus on readers wanting to know if heartburn was a symptom of pancreatitis. As I always mention the symptoms are usually different for each person. When I was suffering from acute pancreatitis in a New York Hotel room I do remember feeling heartburn. This could also be caused by indigestion, which is a common symptom caused by pancreatitis.

Technically the indigestion caused by pancreatitis could have caused heartburn. So it may not be a direct symptom, however for me I am confident that the bout of acute pancreatitis which I was suffering from at the time did cause heartburn.

Another heart related symptom of pancreatitis is a rapid heartbeat. A rapid heartbeat can be caused by many different factors which include, pain, excessive vomiting or through hunger. Internal bleeding can also cause this.  It is therefore easy to confuse a rapid heartbeat and other pains with heartburn.

Due to pain in the chest, ribs and back, combining this with a rapid heartbeat could also give pancreatitis sufferers a feeling of heartburn. From my personal experience heartburn definitely seemed to be a symptom I suffered from when I had acute pancreatitis for a week in January 2013.

Once again I will emphasize that everyone is different and symptoms and problems arise differently for individuals.  I did notice a feeling of heartburn during my one week bout with acute pancreatitis.

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