Monday, 18 August 2014

Pancreatitis Causing Heart Attacks and Strokes

Today we look at whether pancreatitis can cause heart problems such as heart attacks, palpitations, failure and strokes. Heart problems and strokes are severe medical conditions as we all know however the following information is disturbing, however it outlines how severe both acute and chronic pancreatitis can be.

Severe pancreatitis commonly causes organ failure due to an infected necrosis. An infected necrosis is dead pancreatic cells, or commonly referred to as a dead pancreas. In a majority of all deaths caused by pancreatitis, patients suffered from infected necrosis.

An infected necrosis essentially causes the failure of major organs, which include the heart. So pancreatitis can lead to heart attacks and heart failures in patients who have bouts of severe pancreatitis. As for strokes, I am unable to find substantial information at the moment, however there could be a link of a stroke occurring after an infected necrosis exists in the patient.

This may sound disturbing, so please do some more research on the subject when you get the chance. For more useful information please sign up to our email newsletter subscription, which is updated once every 1-2 months. The information we post is from new studies and findings which we make sure are useful for pancreatitis sufferers.

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