Monday, 18 August 2014

Pancreatitis Causing Weight Gain and Weight Loss

Pancreatitis directly doesn’t lead to weight gain, it can however lead to weight loss. Weight loss is more common for people who are suffering from pancreatitis especially during the recovery period. Fasting and consuming clear liquids is a common technique doctors tell patients to enforce during recovery periods. Therefore during recovery periods, patients will lose weight due to fasting.

After completing a few hours of research on this subject tonight the only other influence that can lead to weight gain is after a pancreatic resection is performed. After a pancreatic resection weight gain is common in patients who have been analyzed long term.

During my acute pancreatitis episode I was restricted to consuming only clear liquids for 4 days after my diagnosis, which led me to lose around 3 kg’s. This weight was re-gained after continuing on a normal diet one week after suffering from acute pancreatitis.

If your weight is fluctuating significantly you may need to see a local medial professional as soon as possible. In my opinion this will most likely occur in those patients suffering from chronic pancreatitis due to the constant changes in diet that are required. For more information on important topics use the search options on this site and sign up for our newsletter email subscription that provides important updates about pancreatitis, once or twice a month.

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