Monday, 13 April 2015

Can Pancreatitis Kill You? Why This Condition Can Kill.

Everyone is wondering can pancreatitis kill you. The easy answer is yes. It commonly happens and it can happen in many different forms. Some people pass away during acute bouts, whereas other can pass away from long chronic bouts. Essentially it is very important to remember pancreatitis can kill you and I will quickly explain how in non-medical terms.

What you need to know about how it can kill:

-   During bouts of pancreatitis, enzymes aren’t digested properly and this leads to toxins flowing throughout your body. This can damage and also lead to organ failure. Acute bouts can be the quickest and most severe however Chronic long term conditions can also be very dangerous and debilitating.

It’s a bit frustrating reading online, only to realize a lot of articles and news sites suggest that this isn’t that dangerous. Pancreatitis is something that should be well known, it’s highly dangerous and the recovery time averages three to six months. It’s important to remember even after bouts, the organ won’t fully heal however the initial time after is extremely important.

If you have a friend who has had this, please encourage them to look after their health, eat healthy and stay fit.  You can read different articles throughout this site and all will hopefully help you in understanding how dangerous and common this condition is. Rates of these conditions are increasing throughout the Western world such as Australia, USA & Britain.

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