Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Can This Condition Be Reversed?

This is a common question especially from the youth of today. Can this be reversed? Why is this common. Well the youth of today realize that after you have this condition it significantly impacts your quality of life and in most cases you will have to tone down alcohol intake and other substance intake. This can be a life altering condition, which is tough for sufferers to understand. And as we know this can be hard especially for the Youth to implement. Therefore reversal is ideal but it’s virtually impossible.

Once you suffer from pancreatitis once, even acute conditions which last a couple of days and then goes away, recovery only lasts for three months following this. After this period, recovery still occurs but at a much slower rate. After my illness I struggled to keep down food for three months after and I always felt bloated and would constantly burp, vomit and have gas. The recovery period of three months after developing the condition is the most important and this is the best chance you have of getting your pancreas back to optimum health. Achieving optimal health is difficult though as the pancreas would have been damaged from the bout anyhow. But getting it up to 90% of what it previously was is a big achievement so take extra care in the months after you have the illness.

So I just wanted to pass on the message that this can’t be reversed. I tried to achieve this. Recovery can be achieved to a degree, but it means that you need to be much more careful once you have had this illness in any form. It can come back and it’s usually much more severe when it returns. So the best thing to do is try avoid getting it altogether. You may be unlucky and receive it due to genetics, but make sure you reduce your intake of fatty foods, alcohol & acidic beverages.

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