Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Continuing To Drink After? Will I get Sick? Common Questions

Some of the most common questions I have been asked on this site are, can I continue to drink after pancreatitis and will I get sick if I do? Well I am not being over dramatic but by continuing to drink you are putting your health in harms way. It’s a very big risk which can lead to serious complications and it can even prove fatal. I have heard stories with people continuing to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or several. Some people have got sick drinking spirits so they have had a few months off and then commenced drinking beer. It does work for some people, but it’s still an unnecessary risk.

I was also told by a nurse when I had an acute bout that I would need to take it easy for a while and that after a substantial rest period I would be able to go out and socialize again. This was bad advice. I would advise anyone against drinking again. However if you are drinking in moderation then I guess it can be done. But the warning signs should be researched as there are many. Risking your health for a few drinks at a party was something I did after. Thinking upon it now, it’s extremely stupid and I regret doing it. I have been checking myself and reducing the socializing which I have done recently. I like to stay inside now, read a book, enjoy a cup of green tea and go to bed early.

My diet has also improved dramatically with a large intake of vegetables, green tea and water and lean meats. Also large serves of white meats and fish are consistent throughout my diet. I have seen people go back to drinking but usually this is several months or years after their first bout occurs. So be wary of the dangers.  Remember to sign up to our free subscription service. It might seem spammy. But I rarely send out newsletters to subscribers, when I do it usually involves new findings and tips which can help the health of your pancreas.

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