Sunday, 12 April 2015

Did Pancreatitis Damage My Liver?

In this post we look at the terrible relationship between pancreatitis and liver damage. During bouts of pancreatitis, the liver and all other organs can be damaged. Essentially this condition can lead to death, whether it be acute or a prolonged chronic condition. The seriousness of these conditions are often under stated and I learnt this first hand when I was lying in a hospital bed in a trip to New York City which went horribly wrong.

-       I will define this post in a non-medical way. So non-medical professionals such as myself and my readers can understand this logic. During bouts of pancreatitis the enzymes aren’t successfully processed through the organ and they often contaminate, damage and poison other organs. The liver is no exception, as this can be substantially damaged by the toxins which are being released throughout these conditions. The kidneys can also be damaged.

It’s important to remember nearly every organ in the human body can be damaged during acute and chronic bouts. Acute are often the most dangerous early on, with chronic over long periods of time being persistent and dangerous also.

It’s also possible that if you have alcohol induced pancreatitis, that alcohol and not pancreatitis itself has damaged your liver. However a connection between both can be made. It’s important to understand what triggers your bouts.  For me high fat food is crucial. Since then I have totally changed my diet. I am not saying I am 100% healthy right now, but I haven’t had a relapse in over two years.

So far I have been tidying up my diet to include substantial amounts of water, fruit, vegetables, white meat and only lean red meats.  I have had positive effects since I feel much better.

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