Sunday, 12 April 2015

Milk and Pancreatitis. My Diet without Milk.

I am now two years on or close to it, from my last bout of Acute pancreatitis. Which was alcohol induced and also induced in my opinion by me going from a full protein diet to a high fat diet while overseas on holiday. The change up on my body had a big impact. Milk is a good question, what impact does this have on the pancreas? Is it good to consume after pancreatitis?

Well today’s post is just going to focus on my opinion and my results after I consume milk. I get a bloated sensation. Followed by several burps and extra gas in different circumstances. I still consume milk now, but usually just one glass of milk per day. Sometimes in the morning or sometimes at night.

For me it just gives me a bloated sensation and I feel full for the next few hours.  I guess it depends on the person. After my acute pancreatitis I was told to stay away from all dairy products during recovery. I did stay away from these for around six months as the first three months are hugely important after recovering from the illness.

If you are questioning giving up milk, I think it could be a good decision. In my opinion it’s also a good decision to consume skim milk or other forms of low fat milk. The prices are the same and they have the same range of benefits, obviously without the high levels of fat. Consuming foods and drink with high levels of sugar and fat have a negative effect on most organs & the pancreas is no different. I wish you the best of luck for the coming months. We just finished our summer here & my health is improving week in week out.

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