Sunday, 19 April 2015

Pancreatitis Pain Location. Where Can You Expect The Pain?

Common questions are where will the pain be located. Where will the pain occur? As I always mention everyone is different and everyone will have different areas of the body that indicate they are suffering from a pancreas condition. For me I had a sore back, sore ribs and a sore stomach. Combined with an overall weakness and an inability to consume food or drink. At the start I thought it was a gastro bug so I ignored the condition for a while. I also had fevers followed by cold phases. I was hot and sweating one minute. So I would put on a jumper and other warm clothes. Then I would wake up thirty minutes later shaking like I was in Antarctica.

This pain was severe and I hope it never comes back again. I still enjoy a coffee and an occasional alcoholic beverage however I have cut down a lot and I eat a lot cleaner than before with vegetable and lean meats consumption.

Essentially it comes down to the individual. Make sure you know your body and make sure you know what feels right and what feels wrong. I knew quite quickly I wasn’t well. But the problem was because I’m obviously not a doctor I didn’t know what was wrong and I assumed it was gastro.

- So I would suggest the following.
-       - Record your symptoms and why you think you could be sick.
-      -  Make sure you check them with how you normally feel.
-       - Check your temperature.
-      -  Make sure you aren’t tender around the abdomen or under the ribs.
-     -   Make sure you aren’t experiencing hot and cold flushes.

In summary it becomes pretty obvious if you are suffering from the condition. It essentially cripples you in all aspects. I couldn’t function. I couldn’t even walk during the day. All I could do was be confined to a hospital bed and to my hotel room before this. So make sure you seek professional medical help as soon as you have any concerns.

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